Thru the Lens of: Jonathon 'Roadrunner' Frankson Hiking the CDT NOBO

Jonathon 'Roadrunner' Frankson
Jon 'Roadrunner' Frankson CDT NOBO

Hello Garage Grown Gear fam. It's me again, Jonathon Frankson aka Roadrunner. You may remember me from the PCT photo series I did for GGG about my 2019 Pacific Crest Trail hike. If you don't, well, I'm sure the fine people at GGG will link you to that article to catch up. 
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When the fine people at GGG asked me to share some of my recent adventures, my initial thought was "Didn't you all learn your lesson about dealing with me the first time around?" Well, it seems they haven't, so I’M BACK! 

Anyways, let's get started. On May 3 of 2021 I set out to hike from Mexico to Canada yet again. This time along the Continental Divide Trail. As of this writing I'm currently sitting in a cheap hotel room somewhere in Wyoming making my way north. 

The CDT has been AMAZING so far. New Mexico was hot, dry, and beautiful. Coming from Alaska, New Mexico seems like a different planet. To me, desert landscapes have always held a certain magical quality, and New Mexico delivered. 

Colorado, oh Colorado! Snowy traverses, afternoon thunderstorms, wildlife and, unfortunately, the fires. Colorado has been action packed. 

Whenever I cross a state line I always say that state was my favorite state to walk across. Currently Colorado is my favorite state to walk across. But we will see what Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana have in store for me. 



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