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Voormi Review High E Hoodie

We try out out a TON of different products from a TON of different companies. Some of it's great and some of it is pretty terrible. Of the great products we test, there are only a few items that are truly exceptional. One of these truly exceptional products is the High E- Hoodie by Voormi (Men's and Women's). Voormi sent me a High E- Hoodie to check out last spring, and with the weather starting to cool down, I've found myself once again wearing it 24/7. While this article will be more of a love fest than a review, who said a gear review can't be overwhelming positive?


General information:

The High E - Hoodie was the first product Voormi released and it remains the centerpiece of their collection. Made in the USA from wool sourced from right here in the USA, this quarter-zip midlayer has a marsupial pouch, a balaclava style hood (or a "Scuba Steve" hood as we call it round the office), A DWR finish, and thumb loops. Its a fairly athletic fit (you could fit a light mid layer underneath if you needed), and it is exceptionally warm and tough. Its designed for active use, and my men's medium weighs 1lb. 4oz. 


Things I like:

The Fit: I am a fairly standard medium fitting human at just under 6 feet - 165lbs. The arms on the High - E Hoodie are perfectly lengthed, and the hoodie itself is actually an athletic fit. It's not suffocatingly tight and it's not swimmingly large. In the words of Goldilocks, its "just right." It's not awkwardly long in the back,  and when the hood zips up, the balaclava can rest either below your chin of right under your eyes. The hood feels like a legitimate head hug, and really negates the need for a hat in spring and fall conditions. You could fit a light beanie underneath the hoody, but anything with a pom would be a recipe for discomfort. The hoodie also has some stretch to it, and this really enhances the overall comfortability.

High E Voormi Review 

The Pouch: If you've read any of my other reviews you know I love fanny packs. Well... with the High - E Hoodie I can leave the fanny at home! Store your essentials while you hike, and treat yourself to nonstop, hassle-free snacking. Also, since the pouch is the same wool as the rest of the midlayer, it keeps your hands exceptionally toasty. Its your own personal warming house. Additionally, the pouch is located high enough on the hoodie to allow you access even if you have your backpack's hipbelt attach. Nice right?

The Warmth: It's wool and it's warm! Spring? Yep. Fall? Yep. Winter? Yep (with a puffy or hard shell.) While it stays at home for summer, you'll live in it the rest of the year. In fact, if you've watched other review videos that I've done, you've certainly seen the High - E Hoodie in most of my fall and winter videos.

 High E Hoodie REview

Things to take note of:

This isn't a lightweight piece. While wonderfully warm, comfortable, and functional, it doesn't pack down, and it weighs almost 1.5lbs. Additionally, while I love the hood, its made out of alot of material. While in use the hood is exceptionally warm and cozy, but when it's not (or when it is not zipped up all the way) the hood flaps can be minimally cumbersome. 


The Verdict: 

I have a hard time imagining a midlayer I'd like more than the High - E. It's warm, fits well, is comfortable, has a bomber hood, and is all around an attractive and functional piece of apparel. Expensive? Sure, but its a hoodie that you'll love for years. 

Men's High - E Hoodie by Voormi


Women's High - E Hoodie by Voormi


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