Top New Outdoor Brands of 2022

Lloyd Vogel

Another year is in the books! 2022 was a rollercoaster, but within its twists and turns there were a number of awesome new small and cottage brands that got their start. A couple of these brands are already available on GGG, while others will be joining the family in 2023. Other great new brands you want the world to know about? Let us know in the comment section! Want to see the top new products of 2022? Click HERE!



ANDA Ultralight 

The ANDA Ultralight story begins when Dan, a former firefighter and paramedic, along with his wife Silvia and two other friends, managed to score walk-up JMT permits at Tuolumne Meadows. In the weeks previous, the couple had quit their jobs and sold their possessions, leaving their life in Chicago in search of adventure.  Despite an ill-fitting backpack, unnecessary spare clothes, and excessive camera equipment, Dan was smitten … and completely bitten by the backpacking bug. Now he makes AWESOME ultralight backpacking gear!

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Apex Giant

"Apex Giant, which sells a wide variety of active lifestyle products revolving around camping, backpacking, hiking and everyday carry items, is owned and managed by Ben McMillen (founder of Hilltop Packs) and Travis Duncan.

Those products, which are made of metal and special polymers, include hiking stoves, ultralight grills, portable coffee items, backpacking hardware and minimalist wallets. All manufactured right here in the USA."

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Embark Maple

"At Embark we believe in the power of good energy: for the mind, the body, and for the world around us. We seek to spread good energy in all its forms, and re-envision what is possible for our lives, our communities and the planet. Energize, Hydrate and Celebrate with Embark Maple Energy!"

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Prairie Dog Shovel

New? Not exactly... Back on the market after a couple of year? Yep! "The Prairie Dog Shovel is an ultralight backpacking trowel that will earn its place in your pack. Weighing only .6oz (17grams), and free from sharp/snaggy edges, this essential outdoor tool will get shoved into your front pocket every time."

Check out the Prairie Dog Trowel



Spuds Adventure Gear 

Founded by Kevin "Spud" Parlato after hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2021, Spuds Adventure Gear makes quick connecting magnetic pole mounts. Simply store your trekking poles on your pack in less than 3 seconds while you walk!

Check out Spuds Adventure Gear



Virga Packing Company 

"After using many different packs we decided there was room for improvement in a particular category: framed packs made for carrying about 35lbs. While there are dozens of great ultralight backpacks out there, many people in the ultralight backpacking community still seem to be pining for something that doesn’t exist. They (we) want a 55 liter pack that weighs under two pounds and is simple, sleek, clean, versatile, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing. And we had a hunch we could pull this off."

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