Kickstarter Roundup: trekking pole hammocks, socks, cinnamon infused shirts, and a tiny notepads!

Lloyd Vogel

This week on Kickstarter: trekking pole hammock, socks, cinnamon-infused shirts, and a tiny notepad!


TALO Freedom Seat

It seems like outdoor innovators are always trying to identify different lightweight seating options for those in need of something a bit more supportive/comfortable/accessible than a log, a rock or the ground.  Weighing just 4oz, the TALO is essentially a trekking supported hammock for your butt! Supporting weights up to 425lbs, i'd be more concerned about the strength of your trekking poles.

The TALO Freedom Seat is the pocket size hammock that is supported by your walking stick or trekking poles. Easy to set up, the TALO Freedom Seat provides you the security to walk distances knowing you have a safe, comfortable seat in your pocket.

Check out the TALO Freedom Seat on Kickstarter!



Alpha Socks - The Ultimate Merino Wool Copper Outdoor Socks

As my feet are adorned solely by the incredible warmth, comfort, and durability of Darn Tough and Cloudline socks, I'm always a bit sceptical of new socks and new designs. While I don't feel like the world is clamouring for revolution in sock functionality, these do look moderately intriguing and nuanced. 

The Alpha Socks is a 7 in 1 sock designed to meet the expectations of the most rigorous situations. The Alpha Socks provides you with maximum strength, comfort and protection. Manufactured with Alpha CopperX which allows us to make one sock that does it all. The Alpha Socks is a smart blend of 60% merino wool, 20% copper bonded to cotton, 15% poliamida, and 5% elastane.

Check out the Alpha Socks on Kickstarter



An Indestructible Notepad with Titanium Cover & Stone Paper

Tiny, waterproof, durable, and the perfect note-taking companion on your next trip. If you are like me and constantly need to jot down random thoughts, this bombproof notebook should be excellent. I backed the Nanobook 1.0 and was happy, and I am similarly stoked for the 2.0 version!

Few months ago, we introduced Nanobook 1.0 : The Toughest Notebook for Your Hand. Today, we are excited to reveal the refreshed version of the notepad that put us on the map.

We stuck with it and showed that we have the commitment to not only get the product out, but also to refine its design and make it the product we wanted it to be. We listened to the needs of our customers and created the Nanobook 2.0, a product that is even more hardy and convenient to use than the original. 

Check out the Nanobook 2.0 on Kickstarter



KOUP | The Cinnamon T-shirt - A Brand New Way to Stay Fresh

A shirt infused with Cinnamon! Lightweight and antimicrobial, is there anything you can't make a shirt out of?

Anti-microbial & anti-odour | Cinnamon is naturally anti-microbial, which inhibits the growth of odour producing bacteria.

100% Natural | Cinnamon is used to replace harmful chemicals / heavy metal coatings, which can be washed off in as little as 5 washes!

Long-lasting performance | Patented technology infuses cinnamon extract into the yarns so it does not wash off.

Check out the KOUP shirt on Kickstarter!


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