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Lloyd Vogel

High Tail Designs

As weight conscious backpackers cut heavier features from their packs (and increasingly move away from traditional osprey style backpacks with brains) fanny packs are once again "cool." Additionally, fanny packs are also exceptionally functional. Small and light, fanny packs allow you to always keep your essentials easily assessable. No stopping to snack or grab your lip balm, fanny packs keep you organized and moving forward.

Enough about fanny packs in general... THIS review is about the Ultralight Fanny Pack by High Tail Designs! Officially launched on August 1st, I've had the pleasure of rocking this fanny for the past several weeks. It has braved the bugs of the SHT and the hordes of Outdoor Retailer... performing admirably at both!

General Overview of the Ultralight Fanny Pack:

The Ultralight Fanny Pack by High Tail Designs is exceptionally light and minimalistic. It has a main pouch, a thin doubled over inside pocket, and a Uretek Water-Resistant Zipper for keeping out the elements. It is "extremely water resistant", and the fanny pack itself is made out of dyneema. The strap is 3/4" webbing and is easily adjustable. 

Weight: 1.5oz
Volume: 1L
Material: Sublimated 2.92 oz/sqyd Dyneema Hybrid Fabric
High Tail Designs

Pros of the Ultralight Fanny Pack:

Light and small: The Ultralight Fanny Pack has just enough room for your essentials. There is nothing fancy about its minimalist design, but it holds its shape, is super light, keeps out water, and comes in artistically cool colors. What else does a fanny pack need to do? On the SHT it easily fit my snacks, lip balm, mini map, lighter, toothpicks, phone, and bugnet. At Outdoor Retailer (the big trade show in Denver), it easily fit my business cards, GGG stickers, pens, post its, and snacks!

The waist belt is similarly light and small. It 3/4 inch webbing is almost unnoticeable, and the buckle/clip is positioned to the immediate right of the pouch. This means no buckle/clip rubbing uncomfortably against your back. 

Super slim pocket: While the inside of the fanny pack appears to be one main compartment, there is a sneakily thin pocket against the back wall. When it's not in use, you'll never notice its there (it lies completely flush against the side of the fanny pack), but when you do need to compartmentalize things, it's pretty ideal.

Fun: Sure fanny packs are wildly practical, but they are also steeped in a history of fun and silliness! In honor of this "stoic" history, these packs are similarly fun, colorful, and creative. This is a major tenet of High Tail Design's brand, and I can't say I've seen such a wide range of colors/designs on dyneema fabric. 

Built to last:
This fanny pack will last a long time. Sure I don't have imperial evidence to back that up (I've only had my 2 fanny packs for a month), but the craftsmanship is truly phenomenal, and the raw materials are top notch. While maintaining the vibe of a cottage industry company, High Tail Designs has pulled off the look and execution of dialed manufacturer. 

 High Tail Designs

Things to be aware of:

This fanny pack isn't particularly modular. It won't attach through your hip belt, and you wont be able to separate the body from the belt. It's also designed to be small, fast and light. If you're a junkpacker (no judgment here), this fanny will certainly force some downsizing.


The Verdict!

It's an exceptionally light, bomber, and fun. It does everything you'd expect from a fanny pack and it does it with a creative and well-designed flair! 2 big thumbs up.

Ultralight Fanny Pack
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I’m on the PCT with one of these now. LOVE IT but it could be larger. I’d totally buy one with two liter capacity. I like the design of these better than some of the other companies. The shape is better and so are the fun colors/patterns.

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