5% of profits donated to Adventure Mamas Initiative!

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While being a mother is awesome, raising kids while pursuing your own passions is a difficult balancing act, to say it nicely. This is why Adventure Mamas Initiative was created  – to empower women, redefine what motherhood looks like, and build a culture around being a badass outdoorsy mom!

This non profit understands that the struggles are real, and so is the ability to continuing living an epic life. Here is what Adventure Mamas Initiative co-founder Justine Nobbe writes: 

The transition into parenthood is a huge life shift, inevitably and undeniably. For the new mother though, the experiences of pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum recovery can be mind-blowing. There are physical, emotional, and chemical changes that take place simultaneously. It’s a very vulnerable time and our society doesn’t always depict the experience honestly.

It’s not a coincidence that many outdoor-women seem more hesitant to start a family. In some ways, it feels like you have to choose between adventure and family. Maybe it’s mommy-guilt or societal expectations or time-constraints… regardless, the result is women quietly suffer through pervasive post-partum struggles including anxiety, depression, resentment, loneliness, complacency, and more.

Motherhood doesn’t have to fit into a prescribed box; women need to feel empowered to live an intentional life that is fulfilling, balanced, and joyful. The women in our community especially need to know that while adventure does look different after kids… different time constraints, emotional constraints, physical constraints, it’s still entirely possible. You can have the camaraderie, challenge, and efficacy that adventure brings and still balance the beautiful demands of motherhood. -Justine Nobbe (Co-Founder of AMI)

Adventure Mamas initiative has 10 regional collabs who meet up to climb, hike, SUP, bike, ski, and generally get outside as much as possible! As they continue to grow and expand their programming, the organization hopes to create expeditions for groups of mothers who have experienced similar life events. Such groups could provide communities for teen moms, mothers who have lost a child, mothers who have experienced abuse, and mothers who have a child with a disability.



This summer marks a pivotal time for the Adventure Mamas Initiative! During the whole month of May, it will be raising money to fund its future programming. To learn more please check them out at www.theadventuremamas.com

To do our part, 5% of all profits made on Garage Grown Gear between May 4th and May 10th (the lead up to Mother’s Day) will be donated to Adventure Mamas Initiative!

We'll leave you with a couple pics of our founder, Amy Hatch, with her own daughter. That first one is of Amy running a 100K trail race last summer, with her daughter helping to crew. 


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