5 best ultralight backpacking hammocks from indie brands

Christine Colbert

If you spend any time on Instagram, you know that hammocking is taking on a life of its own. But many lightweight backpackers have long been in on the secret.

On its site, Hennessy Hammock captures well the allure of backpacking with hammock:

“At last, you will never need to find a level campsite. No more roots, rocks or puddles coming through the floor of your tent. No more aching muscles and stiff joints from sleeping on the hard ground. And no more carrying a heavy tent.”

Here we share our picks for the best ultralight backpacking hammocks on the market. Rest easy with one of these small, independent outdoor companies that we know and love.


Hummingbird Hammocks

Hummingbird Hammocks

This Colorado-based company began with good old fashioned ingenuity and repurposed skydiving equipment. What resulted was a super strong, crazy light hammock, made using the standards set by the Parachute Industry Association. Hummingbird Hammocks fits in the palm of your hand when packed up, making it easy to throw one in your pack next time you head for the trail.





Giving back is part of Kammok’s DNA.  Kammock is B Corp and 1 Percent for the Planet member, and the company was born from a desire to help people in malaria-stricken countries. But the reason to purchase a Kammock is because it’s a well-designed product, with philanthropy as bonus. The elevated beds are designed to be resistant to tearing and breathable to boot. And because they’ve thought of everything, the innovators at Kammok have also designed mosquito netting and rain flies, ‘cause who needs a tent?



Warbonnet Outdoors

best ultralight hammocks

Warbonnet Outdoors is a small family-owned business that started in a one-car garage in Colorado, and has since grown to include a small team. All hammocks are still sewn in house. Warbonnet offers a variety of hammocks to accommodate a variety of weights and sleeping positions. One unique feature is the option for two layers of fabric underneath, allowing you to slip in a sleeping pad. It also makes tarps and quilts.



Hennessy Hammock

best ultralight backpacking hammock

The folks at Hennessy Hammock know that no two people are the same (except for twins), so they went ahead and developed specialty hammocks for every weight, size and possible adventure. All Hennessy Hammocks include attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes and stuff sack. Founder Tom Hennessy painstakingly (yes, testing hammocks is painstaking) product tested over 50 prototypes before launching his business and laying claim to several patents.




Alpine Hammock

best ultralight backpacking hammock

Created with the help of Kickstarter, Alpine Hammock is a bivy that you can stake out on the ground or hang like a hammock. Unlike other hammocks on the market, the Alpine Hammock doesn’t need an extra rain fly or additional ropes and biners. Mike Brown and Ryan Stolp, both engineers, are the masterminds behind the versatile design – ready for routes that traverse high alpine meadows and hammock-perfect forests.

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