Gear Review: The Purple Rain Adventure Skirt

Bennett Fisher

Skirt Gear Review Thru-Hiking UL Ultralight Backpacking

I would like to start this review with one powerful word from Braveheart, “Freedom!” That is what I've felt since first putting on the Purple Rain Adventure Skirt. As someone who identifies as male, a skirt is not the first thing that comes to mind when packing  for a trip. But after embracing the power of the skirt, I don’t see how the entire outdoor community hasn’t jumped in on this (hiker) train. 

I have been wearing this item since the day the mail person dropped it off and have used it for everything from running to rafting, and even hitchhiking! My driver did pass by in the opposite direction and it is unclear if he thought I was an attractive female with my long hair and purple skirt. Nonetheless, it got me a ride, and he didn’t drive off when he saw that, in fact, I was not a girl. Good day!

General Information

The Purple Rain Skirt is a stretchy and tough skirt made for your next adventure. It uses an antimicrobial finish to keep you smelling the flowers and not yourself, and is made with a great blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. With fold-lock pockets, you don't have to worry about Velcro while you're on the go.

For reference, I weigh 205 pounds and am 6’4”. In these photos, I'm wearing a size medium.  



  • Moisture wicking knit waistband keeps you dry and cool with anti-microbial finish spandex.
  • Dual access pockets fit most standard size smart phones, maps and snacks. 
  • DWR finish resists raindrops and other moisture.
  • USA Made
  • Purple: 74% polyester, 22% nylon, 4% spandex. 160 gsm
  • Black: 88% Polyester/12% Spandex blend and DWR finish. 130 gms


Things I Like:

Airflow - With the lack of fabric between your legs, refreshing breezes are frequent and keep you comfortable when active. The airflow improves moisture management by allowing your sweat to evaporate instead of saturate, often causing chaffing.

Skirt Gear Review Thru-Hiking UL Ultralight Backpacking


Pockets - The pockets are well placed so that even when they are full, it doesn’t inhibit your ability to bend your hips and walk. Each side has two pockets and the fold lock ones made me confident that, even on the water, my phone wasn’t going to slip out.


Length - The skirt is a great length that didn’t rub my knees or make me feel like I was too exposed when moving.

Waistband - The waistband is thin and tall, coming up just below my belly button, making it extremely comfortable under a backpack’s hip belt strap. The waistband is also soft and stretchy, making it so comfy sometimes I forgot that I had the skirt on at all.


Using the Facilities - from gnarly privies to cat holes, a skirt provides protection from accidental switchback squatting onlookers and worrying about your pants soaking in the pee stained floors.

Commando - The skirt can be worn with or without underwear allowing for extra breezes when needed.  


Things to Note:

Mind Your Manners - With this being my first time in a skirt, I had to learn how to sit properly and consciously think about my movements, so that I didn’t expose too much to the people around me. Many times I caught myself sitting a little too comfortably and had to quickly reposition my skirt before people noticed. With that let’s roll into the next one…

Wear Underwear - If you’re having trouble with manners, or don’t want to worry about them, it’s probably a good idea to wear underwear and dark underwear at that. Dark underwear felt more concealing and let me feel freer to sit how I want and experience the maximum comfort of the skirt.

No zipper wallet pocket - I would like to see a zipper center back pocket for a key and a card or a thru hiker wallet.



Skirt Gear Review Thru-Hiking UL Ultralight Backpacking


This skirt is for anyone looking to feel freer and breezier while getting outside! With stretch materials and ample pocket space, this skirt can take you to the end of your street or across the country. The Purple Rain Adventure Skirt has made its way into my go-to/do-it-all adventure apparel.



Purple Rain Adventure Skirt Thru-Hiking UL Ultralight Backpacking Review
Purple Rain Adventure Skirt




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Amy Hatch

Amy Hatch

Hi Karen, good question! The black is 130 grams and the purple is 160 grams.



great description,I love the skirt for the some reasons but I disagree with adding a back zip pocket. Many short have them and they always rub when wearing I with a backpack. if anything a small zip on one of the side pockets but i don’t see the need for it

William Lee Matheny

William Lee Matheny

The kilt has been successful men’s wear for hundreds of years. The advent of the utility kilt and the tactical kilt have made this garment a true joy to wear and has sealed its place in manly clothing history. Now you think calling it a skirt will make it more manly? It’s only a skirt if you wear panties under it.



maybe I’m missing it somewhere but what is the weight of the purple rain skirts?



I’ve been a believe in kilted backpacking for years, and the Purple Rain Adventure Kilt is WONDERFUL!. While it won’t please the kilt purists out there, it’s an awesome bit of gear- I’ve got 2. Great ventilation, a discrete snap to keep one’s privates private in town or on extra breezy days (not positive if this feature still exists- you might want to double check) , durable, VERY lightweight, comfortable, cool, very functional pockets for town (I don’t like having stuff in pockets while hiking) AND designed and made by exactly the sort of person I’m happy to support. Purple Rain Adventure Kilts have everything I want in a trail garment and nothing I don’t need. If you’re new to kilted hiking or under-free hiking of any sort if might be worth carrying a small bar of "Body"Glide" to minimize chafing as you get used to the freedom and on super hot days when the smoke from buttcheek friction makes your pack smell like a campfire…

Michael Lindo

Michael Lindo

Nope, don’t think so. If I saw a guy wearing that I would have to stare a bit but hey, different strokes eh! Whatever floats his boat.

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