CNOC Vecto 2L Review: Makes Collecting and Filtering Water Easy!

Max Kiel
Cnoc Vecto Soft Sided Water Bladder Container Review Gravity Filter Review

For beginner backpackers, dialing in your water filtration system is something that can take time. When I first discovered the Sawyer Squeeze, I was blown away at how quick and easy filtering water can be. 

The Sawyer Squeeze filtration system comes with its own water pouch to collect, carry and filter water. I began my AT thru-hike using Sawyer’s bag, and while it definitely got the job done, it was constantly leaking and found myself cycling between several bags within the first 400 miles. 

I decided I wanted a more durable, longer lasting water container, but I didn’t know of any other options. That was until I ran into several hikers using a CNOC Vecto 2L water container. I watched as they collected water in a matter of seconds, while it took me much longer with a Sawyer or Platypus bag. 

Cnoc Vecto Soft Sided Water Bladder Container Review Gravity Filter Review

Around 1,500 miles into my AT thru-hike, I decided to make the switch to the CNOC Vecto 2L … and I quickly began questioning why I hadn’t done so sooner. 

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to collect 2L of water thanks to the Vecto’s dual opening design, with a wide mouth on one end, and a smaller, water filter-compatible opening on the other. Along with its lightweight yet durable build, this water container is the best on the market in my opinion. 


CNOC Vecto 2L Water Container Specs 

  • Price: $22.99
  • Weight: 2.6 oz
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Dimensions: 13.5" x 7"
  • Packed size: 7" x 2" x 1.5"

What I Love About the CNOC Vecto 2L Water Container

Cnoc Vecto Soft Sided Water Bladder Container Review Gravity Filter Review

This is what makes the Vecto 2L stand out among the crowd in my opinion. Water containers like Sawyer’s or Platypus’ have one spot where you can collect water from, a rather small soda-bottle-style hole on the top, the same opening where the filter gets attached to. It can take a long time to collect water through this one small opening, and scooping pooled water can be tricky.

However, the Vecto features a large, wide opening on the top of the bladder, in addition to the narrow circular opening on the bottom where the filter gets attached. This additional large opening makes collecting water tremendously easy. 

Cnoc Vecto Soft Sided Water Bladder Container Review Gravity Filter Review


Other bags might take one or two minutes to fill up with the traditional opening, while the Vecto can collect the same amount of water in a matter of mere seconds. This was definitely a game changer for me on trail. 

The Vecto also features a sturdy hanging loop on the top so you can hang your water source from a nail on a tree if gravity filtering is your thing. 

Ultralight yet durable design: The Vecto is made with a flexible, lightweight, FDA approved TPU. This is a soft, durable material that compacts down very nicely when not filled with water. 

I have not experienced any leakage thus far with my Vecto, and other than some discoloration of the material, it practically seems good as new after several hundred miles of backpacking. 

Cnoc Vecto Soft Sided Water Bladder Container Review Gravity Filter Review

This is by far the most durable water container I’ve backpacked with. As mentioned
earlier, I was constantly finding holes, which caused leakage with my Sawyer water bag; meanwhile the Vecto has shown no real signs of significant wear-and-tear. 

Pricepoint: For a high-quality, long-lasting water container like the Vecto, $22 is a near-steal in my book. 

What I Don’t Love About the Vecto 2L 

Gets rather dirty often: The clear see-through design is nice because you can gauge just how much water you have remaining, but as a result it can get covered in dirt, appearing dirty and grimy. This isn’t a big issue for me since it is easy to clean — thanks again to the wide opening on top — just something I felt should be noted. 

Pinholes: There have been occasional issues with pinprick size leaks. While CNOC seems to have fixed this for new 'out of the box' Vectos, it is a complaint I've heard.

Additionally, because TPU is a porous material, it's important to care for your Vecto if you want it to last. CNOC states the following on its website: Pinholes can develop from a host of reasons, including exposure to UV rays, colder temperatures, abrasion, etc.  They are not covered by warranty unless they occur new from the box. The Vecto is made from porous TPU that balances weight and durability, and is reliable and repairable in many conditions while staying light and easy to use. While pinholes are annoying, they are not catastrophic and can usually be fixed with a small (round) patch of Tear-Aid Type A or a drop of superglue on the outside of the pinhole.



Good To Know 

- It is compatible with any water filter that has a 28mm thread, including the popular Sawyer Squeeze (both regular and micro size), HydroBlu Versa Flow, and LifeStraw Flex.

Cnoc Vecto Soft Sided Water Bladder Container Review Gravity Filter Review

- The Vecto comes in a 3L size as well as the 2L size reviewed here

- CNOC recommends that customers clean the Vecto before first use

- It has a breaking point of 220 pounds, so feel free to squeeze away …

- CNOC also sells a 1L collapsible water bottle and a food storage bag.

Cnoc Vecto Soft Sided Water Bladder Container Review Gravity Filter Review

    Bottom Line 

    CNOC’s Vecto 2L is quickly becoming the water bladder of choice among backpackers for good reason. This ultralight, durable container makes collecting water quick and easy thanks to its amazing dual-opening design. I highly recommend this piece of gear, whether you are planning a thru-hike or want to get out for a weekend getaway.



    Cnoc Vecto Soft Sided Water Bladder Container Review Gravity Filter Review
    Vecto 2L Water Container by Cnoc Outdoors



    Max is a runner, hiker, and outdoor adventurer based in the Hudson Valley region of New York. In 2021, upon graduating college, Max pursued a long-time goal of his and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. When not working, Max enjoys spending his free time running on local trails and exploring the mountains of the East Coast with friends and family. You can follow along with his adventures on his Instagram: @max_kiel_trail 

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    Do you use your CNOC Vecto to carry water inside your pack? I thought this being a container that water goes in, meant for the backpacking crowd, that it’s a no-brainer to say “yes” to this question… yet CNOC themselves, on their FAQ specifically say they “don’t recommend putting your full Vecto inside your pack if you’re concerned about leaking”!!! So what the heck? I don’t get it. A water bladder for hiking that you CAN’T put in your pack???



    Hi Nate,

    Great question! The Cnoc Vectos attach to filters with a 28 mm thread, such as the Sawyer Squeeze, Mini, or Micro, the LifeStraw Flex, and the HydroBlu Versa Flow. The Sawyer filters and HydroBlu Versa Flow are available on GGG.





    Thanks for the review of the Vecto water bottle. Just curious are you using this as an on the go filtration system? The photos would suggest you are using the bladder and then filtering into a separate system. I would love to be able to drink directly from the system with some type of filter attached. Just curious what you found most useful.

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