Model Image Rating 1-5 Weight Length Materials
Light My Fire Light My Fire Spork 6 star rating 0.38 ounces 6.6 inches GMO-free corn-based bioplastics
Vargo Vargo Sporl 3 star rating 0.4 ounces 6.2 inches Titanium
Sea to Summit Sea to Summit Spork 4 star rating 0.4 ounces 8.5 inches Aircraft aluminum alloy
Toaks Toaks Spork 2 star rating 0.6 ounces 8.5 inches Titanium (no coating)
GSI Outdoors GSI Outdoors Spork 2 star rating 0.6 ounces 6.1 inches extended
3.7 inches folded
Acetal and Stainless Steel
Morsel Spork Morsel Spork 5 star rating 0.6 ounces 7.5 inches Custom polypropylene plastic and
FDA food-safe elastomer "rubber"