5 Favorite Fanny Packs for Ultralight Backpacking

Lloyd Vogel

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If you are a frequent follower of GGG, you know I have a special affinity toward fanny packs. While there are approximately a million reasons why I love rocking a fanny pack while backpacking, if forced to condense my rationale into a mission statement, it would read something like this: fanny packs help keep your most essential gear organized and easily accessible. This week, we'll take a look at my 5 favorite fanny packs. We'll breakdown their weight, volume, features, and cost.

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Summit Bum - Pocket by Thrupack


Weight: 2.5oz

Volume: 2.5L (9"x5"x3")

Material: Available in Xpac, gridstop, and DCF (DCF not available with a pocket).

Cost: $49.99

Notable Features:

  • Stretchy front pocket
  • Large main pouch with 2 internal pockets
  • External spacer mesh pouch for storing phone/snacks/maps
  • Internal mitten clip
  • Aquaguard zipper
  • Detachable hipbelt
  • 2 corner loops that (when combined with mini carabiners) allow for a chest strap rigging
  • Optional comfy strap for additional comfort
  • Can come with or without the front stretch pocket. 

Why I like it: With 2.5L of capacity, the Summit Bum has the ability to carry pretty much everything you'd need a fanny pack to carry. With 5 different compartments to stash your essentials in, the Summit Bum is minimalist yet exceptionally functional. The Summit Bum holds its shape well over time, is very durable, and because its hipbelt is detachable, it can be warn in a multitude of different ways. Plus, the comfy strap is AMAZING, and it adds a great deal of comfort on extended trips. 


Ultralight Fanny Pack by High Tail Designs

High Tail Designs

Weight: 1.76 oz

Volume: 1L (8"x7"x4"x2" (Trapezoidal Prism)

Material: Sublimated 2.92 oz/sqyd Dyneema Hybrid Fabric

Cost: $54.99   

Features to note:

  • Fully taped seams
  • Large flush internal pocket 
  • Tons of artistic designs
  • Uretek Water-Resistant Zipper
  • 3/4" Kross Buckle that sits directly next to the fanny pack itself

Why I like it: The Ultralight Fanny Pack is as light and minimalist as it gets. It does everything you need a fanny pack to do and nothing else. With just 1L of carrying capacity, it only has room for the essentials, and that forces you to be deliberate about what to include. While not technically waterproof, it's as water resistant as it gets and I've never had an issue with anything inside getting wet. It's sleek, stylish, and darn great at being a UL fanny pack.


Flex Fanny Pack by Red Paw Packs

Red Paw Packs

Weight: 3.3oz

Volume: 1.67L (8"×3"×4.25")

Material: Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid 2.92 oz/yd

Cost: $74.99

Features to note:

  • Top stretchy pocket (I use mine for storing a water bottle)
  • Large main compartment with a rear interior pocket for further organization
  • Seam sealed with DCF tape
  • Removable hip belt (detach by unclipping 2 1-inch slip clips)
  • YKK waterproof zipper
  • 1" Kross Buckle that sits directly next to the fanny pack itself

Why I like it: The main thing that sets the Flex Fanny apart from other fanny packs is its top Spandura stretch pocket. Ideal for storing water within arms reach, as someone who sucks at staying hydrated, the top pocket makes water so accessible that it's hard to forget. The rear interior pocket is also great as it really does create an entirely separate section of the fanny pack. I typically put my smaller items in that rear pocket (knife/chapstick/lighter). While perhaps also not technically waterproof, despite the rains best efforts, the inside of this fanny has always remained dry. 


Feather Weight Fanny Pack by LiteAF


Weight: 1.9oz

Volume: 1.44L (8″x4″x2.75″)

Cost: $39.99

Material: 2.2 Oz. Dyneema®

Features to note:

  • Lycra front pocket
  • Single large main compartment
  • Waterproof YKK zippers 
  • Seam-sealed with Dyneema seam tape
  • Option for a removable hipbelt
  • Option to be made with LS07 or Gridstop

Why I like it: Another very simple and very functional fanny. As the name suggests, this fanny is in fact LiteAF. No frills and nothing to weight you down. The front pocket is great for carrying and securing small things such as chapstick, toothpicks, or anything else small you might want handy. The main pouch has no internal pockets leaving you a large space to chuck whatever you'd like.  


F.U.P.A. by Zpacks


Weight: 2.8oz

Volume: 1.7L (2”x6”x8.5”)

Cost: $64.99

Material: 2.92 oz/sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid

Features to note:

  • Generous inside mesh pocket
  • Exterior rear pocket for phones/maps/snacks
  • Drainage hole on exterior pocket
  • Removable hipbelt
  • Waterproof YKK zipper
  • Seams taped with Dyneema Composite Fiber tape

Why I like it: Much more vertical than the other fanny packs, the F.U.P.A. stays close to your body at all times while also sustaining a relatively large carrying capacity. This means that the fanny pack itself moves and jiggles very little while you hike. Similar to the rest of the fanny packs, it's essentially waterproof, pretty darn durable, and hasn't given me any reasons to complain so far (other than the internal buckles which are a little funky). 

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