5 Canadian Cottage Backpacking Brands to Check Out!

Lloyd Vogel
Canada Cottage Brands Backpacking

While many of us here in the states are pretty familiar with the US cottage gear scene, just north of the border in Canada, there are a bunch of cool small makers! From Saskatoon to Ontario, here are 5 small Canadian backpacking brands you should check out.


Adotec Gear 

Based in Georgetown, Ontario, Adotec founder Dan Peshko makes a range of ultralight packs and shelters. Pretty much everything they sell is made primarily from DCF.

Most noteable product? The Gear Gut Front Pack

Canada Cottage Brands Backpacking



Suluk 46

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Suluk 46 founder Steve Evans makes wildly innovative ultralight gear out of titanium and aluminum. Constantly pushing the boundaries on minimalism, Suluk 46 makes everything from trowels and pot grips to snow stakes and tree tables.

Most noteable product? The Tica Ice Tool

Canada Cottage Brands Backpacking




Northern Ultralight

Based in Nelson, British Columbia, founder Scott Matson makes custom backpacks, fanny packs, and accessories! Fueled by his PCT thru-hike in 2016, Northern Ultralight got its start in 2018. 

Most noteable product? Sundown Pack

Northern Ultralight Canada Cottage Brands Backpacking



Little Shop of Hammocks

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, founder James makes hammocks, down top quilts, down underquilts, suspensions and accessories. Just about everything for hammock camping!

Most noteable product? Down Underquilts

Canada Cottage Brands Backpacking





Based in Toronto, Ontario, founders Viviana Alba and Mauricio Martinez got their start backpacking back in 2018. With lots of fun colors and customizations, their focus is on ultralight backpacks.

Most noteable product? Hudson 55L

Canada Cottage Brands Backpacking



Other Canadian Brands to Check Out:

Durston Gear

Hillsound Equipment

Nomad Nutrition

Backcountry Wok

Rainy Day Forge

Hennessy Hammocks

Mozet Designs

Yamnuska Backcountry Kitchen

Lite Outdoors

Trail talk

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