The Cache: Resources for Education and Inclusivity, The Great American Outdoors Act, Pandemic + Outdoor Rec, and Virtual Outdoor Retailer?

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While this weeks edition of The Cache could potentially fill 100's of webpages and hours of scrolling, we'll keep it limited to Resources of Education and Inclusivity, the Pandemic and Outdoor Rec, The Great American Outdoors Act, and Virtual Outdoor Retailer.


Resources for Education and Inclusivity

These past weeks have been a time of anger, sadness, action, listening, learning, and re-evaluating. For us here at GGG, it's meant a rethinking of how we transition from "business as usual" to "business with purpose." A reenvisioning of ourselves in order to better utilize our platform to amplify voices of color, promote inclusivity in the outdoors, and help end a system of racism and injustice. If you are also on the journey of learning and self educating, we encourage you to check out the below lists of books, podcasts, documentaries, and more.

Unlikely Hikers' List
The Trek's List 



COVID and the State of Outdoor Rec

While I'm not sure I agree with Outside Online's risk assessment here (especially in regards to the "low risk" they assigned to beaches), as summer plans are changed, made, reenvisioned, and put on the calendar, it is important to think strategically about how you safely plan your upcoming outings. While many activities can certainly be done safety, being intentional in your logistics will be important to keep you, your family, and the communities you travel through, safe. 

Read more on Outside Online



The Great American Outdoors Act

While the title reads like a Trumpized version of a regular piece of legislation, The Great American Outdoors Act has quietly found its way to Congress. This bill "would permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to address the backlog of recreation and conservation needs in every state and county across the country." We are talking 9.5 Billion over 5 years.

Read more about The Great American Outdoors Act



Virtual Outdoor Retailer!

The pandemic can't stop Outdoor Retailer, and now more than ever, it seems exceptionally important for our industry to have a space for conversations, educating, exchanges of ideas, and intense inwards reflection. 

"Three days of live programming will run throughout each day from July 21-23 on Outdoor Retailer Online, including:

  • Exhibitors hosting live and on-demand product and line showings, one-on-one appointments, and chat sessions in brand-controlled spaces;
  • Scheduled live education and conversations around current industry topics;
  • Matchmaking and search tools to facilitate the discovery of new brands and products, retailers and buyers, innovations and inspiration; and
  • Networking opportunities and discussion forums."

Learn more about Outdoor Retailer 2020

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