5 Cool Female Founded Outdoor Gear Brands!

Amy Hatch

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we want to highlight the rad ladies behind some of the outdoor gear brands we sell on Garage Grown Gear. This will be a three-part series on female entrepreneurs that culminates with a few thoughts from our own female founder, Amy Hatch.


Mallory Ottariano - Kind Apparel

Mallory Ottariano - Kind Apparel - Women Entrepreneurs Outdoor Industry

When Mallory Ottariano graduated from college with a design degree and opened up an Etsy shop, she never imagined that it would grow into Kind Apparel – a line of bold and colorful women's clothing that celebrates each of our unique qualities and the adventures that fill our lives. Each Kind Apparel piece is manufactured locally in Montana and made from upcycled and recycled fabrics.  


Fjord Fleece Dress by Kind Apparel



Jen Gurecki - Coalition Snow

Jen Gurecki - Coalition Snow Skis and Snowboards - Female Founded Outdoor Gear Companies

Coalition Snow specializes in skis and snowboards designed by women, for women. Their mission is simple: to rewrite the narrative of an industry that is overcrowded with watered-down, pinked-up, women’s specific gear that doesn’t accurately address the diverse needs of the twenty-first-century female skier and rider.


Abyss Skis by Coalition Snow



Kate Schade - Kate's Real Food

Kate Schade - Kate's Real Food - Women Run Outdoor Brands

Before Kate Schade became a business owner and whole foods advocate, she was a ski bum. Kate made Tram Bars on her off days, and then would eat them and hand them out in line while waiting for the first box at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Over the years Kate's Real Food has evolved to include four bar flavors, all of them made with wholesome ingredients from responsible, organic farms.


Tram Energy Bars by Kate's Real Food



Jax Mariash - Stoked Stix

Jax Koudelle - Stoked Stix - Outdoor Brands Founded by Women Entrepreneurs

After 16 years of working in corporate America, Jax Mariash ditched rush hour commutes to pursue her dreams of opening up Stoked Roasters and ultrarunning in far flung places throughout the world. The intersection of these two passions inspired STOKED STIX™ – lightweight, convenient, instant and delicious, single-serving coffee packets. Because ... in the pursuit of adventure, great coffee should never be sacrificed.


Stoked Stix by Stoked Roasters



Kelli Jones - NoSo Patches

Kelli Jones - NoSo Patches - Women Entrepreneurs Running Small Outdoor Gear Companies

When Kelli Jones got a new puffy down jacket in the mail, she immediately put it on to go hunting. A few miles in, she hopped a barb wired fence and heard the dreaded sound of her brand new jacket tearing. She didn’t want to repair the hole with duct tape, so she sought out fabric to make her own patch. And, in doing so, had an “ah ha” moment. Why not make fabric patches in unique shapes that easily stick to jackets, sleeping bags and tents? And thus NoSo Patches were born.


Element Packet by Noso Patch



Stay tuned for more features on women entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry coming in the next two weeks!


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Carressa H.

Carressa H.

Hello Kate’s Real Food Team / Company,

My name is Carressa and I am not in shape and have been looking for a healthier food that does not remove the great taste. I happened to try your product at my place of employment , the Bivy bar (Lemon Coconut, because I love this combination) and I have fallen in love with your product. Thank you for bringing this amazing energy bar to an open space for all to enjoy. You are truly 1 of the 5 Cool Female Founded Outdoor Gear Brands!. Peace and love on your future endeavors. Very Respectfully, Carressa H.

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