Macro lens, folding hammocks, solar chargers, and weightless backpacks!

Lloyd Vogel

Sure it looks like a proboscis, but the details of the Probe Lens are pretty amazing. Reminiscent of shots from national geographic, discovery channel, or planet earth, this Kickstarter lens allows average Joes and Janes (who have $1300 sitting around) to capture a whole new ecosystem of activity. 

As macro photographers ourselves, we usually face the problem of not being able to shoot smaller subjects. With our Laowa probe, you can now take advantage of the 2:1 maximum magnification to shoot really small bugs and reveal details that cannot be seen by naked eye. It is particularly useful for videography as both finer details and environmental background can be captured in one shot

Learn More - Visit the Probe Lens Kickstarter Project


Like folding chairs? How about folding hammocks? The Mock one was designed to allow hammock lovers to set up shop in spots previously impossible (or at least exceptionally difficult). On the beach? On your porch? In your backyard? The Mock won't replace your normal hammock, but it could greatly increase your daily hammock chillaxing.

NO TREES, NO PROBLEM! The Mock ONE allows hammocking in places not possible with a traditional hammock. The patented design is safer and easier to use than traditional tree hammocks. Does not require straps in trees or climbing into the hammock.

Learn More - Visit the Mock ONE Kickstarter Project


Keep those Instagram hiking stories cranking! Since seemingly everyone has electronics with them while backpacking, those out for extended periods need a method of recharging their phones. While it's difficult to ascertain this product's actual performance, it's at least a neat looking design (thats half the fun of Kickstarter right?).

 The Solar Scroll is a powerful & compact charging solution for limitless outdoor adventures. Equipped with the most durable, reliable & advanced flexible solar panel, the SOLAR SCROLL is built to last. It is both lightweight and efficient.  

Learn More - Visit the SOUL Solar Charger Kickstarter Project



Sure this pack has a lot going on, but all these fancy straps and harnesses exist to help transfer weight from your shoulders to your hips! Built to be ideal for runners and bikers, these packs move as your move.

What makes our bags unique is their comfort and carrying performance.  But to create the best Active Commuter bag ever made we added in styling, functionality and features so you can run or cycle into work with laptop and everything you need for the office, and keep enjoying it's beautiful design once you get there too.

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