Kickstarter Roundup: UL Sandals, Tent Rafts, Trekking Pole Water Purifiers, and Behemoth Backpacks

Lloyd Vogel

Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Kickstarter Projects currently seeking your support: PURTREK Trekking Poles, Nebos Sandals, TRAFT tentrafts, and Atlas Backpacks!


Certainly a first! PURTREK has created a trekking pole that doubles as a water purifier. While intriguing, note that they are sold individually (seemingly no option to purchase an accompanying non-filtering pole) and weigh 17oz each (twice as much as most carbon fiber poles). Potentially intriguing option for casual day hikes? 100%! A viable option for multi-day/extended backpacking trips? Probably not. While single pole (hiking staff) walking is fine for short hikes, using 2 poles does add significant value.

Gone are the days of carrying heavy bottles filled with clean drinking water! PurTrek gives you instant access to purified water on the trail. Built with the finest lightweight products, PurTrek's 2-in-1 system makes other outdoor filters obsolete. It allows the user to have not only a coveted carbon fiber trekking pole but also an award-winning Hollow Fiber water filtration pump in one AWESOME product.

Learn More - Visit the PURTREK Kickstarter Project


These ultralight sandals by Nebos look about as minimalistic and lightweight as it gets. Weighing just 1.9oz per sandal, they bost the self-proclaimed title of "the world's lightest and most compact sandal." Essentially just soles and straps, they seemingly have the ability to disappear in your pack when not in use. Since the strapping system itself is entirely positioned towards the front half of the foot, I'll be curious to see how tightly (or loosely) the sandals hug your foot while in use. At $20, it seems hard to go wrong.

The ultimate patent pending design for all your portable footwear needs. Bring these sandals cycling, backpacking, rock climbing, to the locker room shower, on your next flight, in your bug out bag, or to school, all at just 54 grams per sandal, and look good while doing it.

Learn More - Visit the Nebos Kickstarter Project


Another combination project, the aptly named Traft is a packraft that also functions as a tent. With 2 sizing options (to fit individuals up to 6'3) the Traft has a built-in sleep system that transforms the cockpit of the packraft into a bed. Like most combination Kickstarters, the idea fits more with fun than with practical.

Traft, the first tent-packraft system of its kind, delivers an innovative way to adventure travel. Our unique patent pending design combines the fun, excitement and utility of packrafting with the comfort, protection, and leisure of camping in a single, lightweight system. With Traft, all adventures are covered.

Learn More - Visit the TRAFT Kickstarter Project


Nope, its not the Monowheel, its a 4.4lbs 70L travel pack with wheels. While potentially functional for urban wandering, this big boy doesn't exactly  scream "travel light." On its Kickstarter page it also refers to hiking backpacks as "heavy... impractical... and unsightly." Oh Brother...

Atlas is a functional and versatile backpack system built for adventure. As . hybrid of backpack and a rolling suitcase, Atlas is comfortable to carry, doesn't strain shoulders and back, and features a detachable trolley section that allows you to roll the bag, so you can go further and climb higher without having to leave anything behind. 

Learn More - Visit the Atlas Kickstarter Project



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