Emerald Isle tested: CloudLine Apparel merino socks review

Brooks Bostick

When asked to review the CloudLine Apparel UltraLight Cushion Merino Wool Socks, I immediately balked at the idea of wearing merino wool in the summer. 

It's probably my closet full of  wool sweaters and base layers that has conditioned me to think that wool equates to warm. But the fact remains that my entire fleet of trusty running socks, up to this point, was made of cotton. 

It just so happened that I right around the time of the CloudLine test, I had plans to travel to Ireland. So I threw the socks in my bag to give them a real go in many different conditions.

Cloudline Apparel Merino Socks Review

Not the worst place to run!

CloudLine Apparel was created to give you the best possible socks for every adventure. They believe that the feeling of topping out on a mountain, above the clouds, is one of the best feelings around. I couldn’t agree more. 

So back to Ireland … as you may know, it rains there, a lot! I was in the height of my ultra training and had to run almost every day, regardless of the weather. This is where the socks really began to shine.

It turns out that the same properties that make merino wool so great in winter – the fiber breathes and wicks moisture – also works wonders in summer.

During most of my runs through the Emerald Isle, I experienced little bits of sunshine in between waves of Irish mist. My feet got really wet, every time. But they would also dry out during those small windows of summery warmth.

Cloudline Apparel Merino Socks Review

Not a single thing is dry in this picture

One of my biggest concerns with a pair of merino wool socks was getting hot feet due to the thickness of the material. The CloudLine UltraLight Cushion socks aren't the thinnest ones I’ve ever worn, but are pretty darn close. My feet not only stayed pretty dry but were also cool on the occasional warm day.

And with nylon and spandex blended in with the wool, they were extremely comfortable and stayed in place while getting after it. 

Bottom line: After wearing CloudLine Apparel socks almost every day in Ireland, I can honestly say these are some of the best socks I’ve ever owned. They stayed dry when I needed them to, cool when it mattered and ... yes, they get some serious points for style too. 

Cloudline Apparel Merino Socks Review

Run, Dry, Repeat


  • Stay dry and cool
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-microbial means they don’t smell after many uses
  • Reinforced for durability
  • Super thin
  • Stylish
  • USA made - timely with the Fourth of July next week


  • I only own one pair
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