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Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Biddeford, ME | Est. 2010

Home of the Thru-hiker

Over the years, countless tent designs have come and gone, but Hyperlite Mountain Gear's experience-led convictions about what makes a truly reliable, versatile, and enjoyable backcountry shelter have remained unchanged and unchallenged. 

The Unbound 2P Tent is the manifestation of their wish list, and, based on the feedback from the wide array of field testers who took turns with it around the globe, it checks off all their boxes, too. You might call it forecast friendly, roomy, airy, elegant, or clever, but at the end of a long day in wild places, you’ll definitely call it “home." Sets up with two 125cm (48") trekking poles for maximum weight savings. 


  • More livable space provides freedom to move and strategically placed venting increases airflow, mitigating condensation
  • 3D side-walls for additional head and foot room and weather protection
  • Fully taped seams
  • All four outer doors can be rolled up independently to provide maximum air flow and visibility
  • Large vents on both vestibule doors are adjustable by reshaping the corded brim
  • Two zippered vestibule doors with magnetic toggles
  • Two zippered No-See-Um Mesh doors large mesh pockets
  • 3 internal ridgeline gear attachment loops
  • 10 reinforced tie-outs; 4 corner tie-outs, 2 peak tie-outs, 2 vestibule tie-outs, 2 mid side-panel tie-outs


  • 9L Drawstring Stuff Sack
  • Eight 2mm Lawson high-visibility Ironwire guylines



    • Capacity: 1-2
    • Floor Dimensions: 90"L x 48”W
    • Floor Area: 28ft²
    • Interior Height: 48”
    • Packed Dimensions: 8.5” x 6” x 5.5”
    • Pole setup: 2 poles (not included), 125cm (48")

    Weight: 24oz (1.5 lbs)


    • Body: DCF5, No-See-Um Mesh
    • Floor: DCF8

    Made in Mexico


    Setup Instructions: 

    • Make sure campsite is clear from sticks, rocks, or other sharp pointed objects.
    • Zip the doors closed before laying out the UNBOUND 2P flat on the ground with the doors in the desired position.
    • Spread out the four corners forming a rectangle, ensuring the guy lines are lined up with the seams of your UNBOUND. Leave slack in each guy line to allow for adjustment.
    • Insert the pointed end of each stake through the looped end of each guy line. Gently press each stake into the ground leaving 1-2 inches exposed.
    • Adjust your trekking pole height to 125cm (48in)
    • Position one trekking pole handle into the reinforced peak, stand the pole upright, centered vertically under the peak. Insert the pole tip firmly into the ground.
      Note: Place your trekking pole through the outer loop in the bathtub floor to increase interior space.
    • With your trekking pole forming one side of the UNBOUND 2P, use a ground stake to secure the vestibule door tie-out. Repeat steps 5-6 on the opposite side of your tent.
    • Use two additional stakes to secure the mid side panel tie-outs.
    • Adjust the guy line tension at each adjuster to get your UNBOUND 2P taut on all sides. Relocating a staked guy line can help to achieve an evenly pitched tent.
      Note: To achieve tension amongst all four side walls, you have to loosen tight guy lines, and tighten the opposing sides. Evening out the tension is key to flat, taut walls.

    Care Instructions: 

    • Periodically check the tent fabric, zippers, stake-out points, and trekking pole contact areas for signs of stress or tears and repair any damage before continued use.
    • Cleaning: Take the time on a dry, sunny day to spot-clean any areas that need it or wash out the tent completely. A hose with a bucket of water and a mild soap (non-detergent and non oil-based soaps work well, do not use bleach) will work on any of Hyperlite's DCF fabrics, fasteners, and zippers.
    • Storage: Store your Unbound 2P tent uncompressed, in a dry place, and with minimal fluctuation in temperature if possible.

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