Our 8 Favorite Kickstarters of 2018

Lloyd Vogel

Followed our weekly Kickstarter roundups? Here are our favorite Kickstarters (and Indiegogos) of 2018!


Ol' Faithful by Give'r

"The Ol’ Faithful Midweight Pullover is the last hoodie you’ll ever need. It is perfect for all weather and any kind of adventure. With the Ol’ Faithful, you can enjoy more flexibility and the capacity to do what you love to the maximum of your ability. 

We’ve designed the Ol’ Faithful with a kick ass blend of materials to ensure superior performance and function while enabling the versatility that mirrors our ever-evolving needs.  We’ve worked tirelessly over several years to ensure durability, comfort, functionality, and practicality, all without compromise, to create a go-to layer that will last a lifetime." 

1,258 backers pledged $157,416 to help bring this project to life.


Zenbivy Light Bed (ok technically it's an Indiegogo)

"At 1lb 13oz, you’ll use it everywhere. The all new 25º and 10º Zenbivy Light Beds have a patent-pending zipperless design which means they can hang with the lightest quilts and mummies on the market. Add to that the comfort of a Zenbivy Bed, and its ability to transform from a Quilt, to a Rectangular Bag, to the warmth of a Mummy—the Zenbivy Light Beds are even more capability to take you anywhere."

168 backers pledged $50,834 to bring this project to life.


LoftTec Adventure Jacket by Outdoor Vitals

"LoftTek™ is the world's most advanced synthetic down imitation. The loose fill nature of the fibers mimics down’s extreme weight to warmth ratios and packability, while the it’s synthetic nature allows it to stay warm in wet conditions!

Unlike down, LoftTek uses siliconized fibers that dry quickly and always stay lofted for optimal warmth - even when wet. You get the ultralight warmth and packability of down and the versatility and moisture advantages of synthetic." 

5,190 backers pledged $757,079 to help bring this project to life. 


The Morsel Spork

"Morsel is part spoon, part fork, part spatula, resulting in the world's first... Sporkatula? Foonula? We couldn't decide, so we decided to call it Morsel

We wanted to design a better utensil that solved all the shortcomings we saw in conventional sporks and camping utensils. And after a year of serious sporking, we think we've succeeded."

5,341 backers pledged $159,059 to help bring this project to life. 


Bobcat Quilt by Kammok

"Cloud nine in a bag, hog-the-covers kinda comforter. The Bobcat offers endless ways to keep you warm in and outside your comfort zone. The Bobcat packs down so that you can carry less and cover more ground. A nifty handle makes it easy to tote or snap onto your pack when hands are full. Lighter than your camera. Smaller than your sleeping bag. At 19oz, the Bobcat packs a toasty punch for its size." 

1,607 backers pledged $265,345 to help bring this project to life.


Ultralight Food Hanging System

"The Ultralight Food Hanging System is a complete system that equips you with everything you need to quickly and easily hang your food. It eliminates the struggle of tying a rope around a rock, or the hassle of getting the rope over the branch. It eliminates BFF (Branch Friction Frustration), and its unique pulley system gives you a 2-1 mechanical advantage. Meaning half the pulling force is needed to raise your food bag.   Total weight for this complete system is only 6.5oz."

209 backers pledged $10,065 to help bring this project to life.


Ninox Hammock by Sierra Madre

"The flatlay hammock that gives you the freedom to lay anyway you like! On your back, on your side, or on your stomach. The Ninox features new crazy soft fabric, an omni directional flat lay, lots of room, and it has a sweet removable insect shield to keep the bugs out." 

940 backers pledged $251,780 to help bring this project to life.


The White Cloud by Tenkara Rod

"There are so many small rivers and streams throughout the world that have hungry fish but are in tight spots.  The White Cloud setup with a 8' line is an amazing system for dealing with tight situations.

Smaller, native fish sometimes get overlooked because they can be difficult to access and they might not have a great feel on a larger rod.  The White Cloud really makes hooking up with smaller fish a real treat.  You can really feel the fish fighting all the way through the rod and the soft carbon we have used allows the rod to bend so much while playing the fish."

522 backers pledged $62,471 to help bring this project to life.


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