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Amy Hatch
Outdoor Mama Family Photos

Hi GGG Fam,

Amy here, Co-Founder of GGG and Editor-in-Chief of our online magazine. Today, I’m getting a little personal, sharing some of my all-time favorite images — offering a glimpse into what it means to me be an Outdoor Mama.

While the arrival of my daughter — a little over a decade ago — unquestionably changed the types of adventures in my life, it also amplified adventures, in so so so many ways! Time outdoors is richer when seen through a child’s eye — the best part of biking is hitting all the potholes, and did you know that owls don’t have a sense of smell, which is why they eat skunks.

Adding a kid to the equation inherently makes any adventure more adventure-y. Sometimes this has come in the form of extreme sleep deprivation, as we’ve learned the shortcomings of stuffing our entire family into one small tent. Other times it’s been a game of motivation, using songs and trail treats, to get everyone through that last mile. 

Outdoor Mom Family Photos


As I look back, I take a lot of pride in all the beautiful places we’ve experienced together as a family; the moments of deep connection the outdoors create space for; and the fact that my daughter can now (mostly) pack for an overnight backpacking trip on her own.

In this era of being able to curate and share images — whether here on GGG or on social media — I’d also like to remind …

Not pictured: throwup, temper tantrums, snowstorms, pushing things too far, forgetting the sleeping bag, forgetting the tent poles (separate trip), straight-up candy bribes, sunburns, questioning myself at every turn, questioning the weather at every turn, once again pushing things too far … you get the picture … ; ) 

Last but not least, a huge shout out to my partner, in adventure and life, who has been there for it all!

I hope you enjoy these photos and a very happy Mother’s Day to all of you! 

- Amy

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Love the photos! Kids in the outdoors with their parents….the best!



That was delightful – thank you!

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