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Brett 'Grandpa' Kretzer
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In the summer of 2021 I hiked the Colorado Trail… well, most of it. I started at Waterton Canyon in Denver and made it to Monarch Pass (mile 264), just outside of Salida. My need to abort the trail was purely because of poor planning and a lack of time. 

Leaving the CT was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in my hiking career; tougher than the freezing rain, cold nights, thunderstorms, bears, fasciitis, tendonitis and malnourishment. All of these obstacles were but a low murmur beneath the pure bliss I experienced on the Colorado Trail.

The hiking is smooth, but challenging. The views and remoteness are breathtaking — soaring peaks, abundant wildflowers, mountain meadows and diverse wildlife. I met lifelong friends on trail. I experienced the kindness of strangers.

The sheer beauty of Colorado even inspired me to move here.

I’m not sure if it was where I was in my life, or the trail itself, but hiking the Colorado Trail was one of my most memorable experiences ever… and I can’t wait to do it again!

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Doug Wise

Doug Wise

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Definitely fueling my appetite for a hike on the Colorado Trail!

N. Goodman

N. Goodman

I too did the CT. I bought a Nemo 1person tent for it. I’ve had that tent for many years, along with
Footprint n quilt. Recently purchased a Nemo Tensor pad for warmth. Grew up in Denver. WAAAY b4 the Trail was reality. Camped in RMNP. Good FOR you and GOOD for you!

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