Top 10 gifts for your outdoorsy, active, fresh-air loving mom

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Best Mother's Day Gifts for Outdoor Moms Garage Grown Gear

It’s that one holiday that just seems to sneak up on you — Mother’s Day. Only when faced with the big, hand-written sign at the checkout in the grocery store that reads — Don’t forget mom this Sunday! — do we panic, just a little, swallow our guilt and forgetfulness and run to the greeting card section.

No more! Garage Grown Gear has you covered for Sunday, May 10th. (That’s Sunday, May 10th, write it down, iCloud it, and set an alarm to it.)

We’ve gone ahead and made it easy for you to shop and browse some of our favorite gifts for mom, sister, daughter and perhaps even yourself. Here are our top 10 coolest gifts for outdoorsy, active moms — the ones who love the fresh air and above all love you despite all your feeble attempts over the course of many missed Mother’s Day opportunities.

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1. Alpine Hat by Skida

Skida Alpine Hat Garage Grown Gear

Don’t scratch your head wondering if mom will like the Alpine Hat by Skida. Chances are she’s going to love this soft hat that is the opposite of those scratchy acrylic hats of old. This hat not only looks great, but is functional too – warm and wicks moisture.

Mom can wear her Skida Alpine Hat running, walking, skiing, or out on the town. Function and style – just like your mom.


2. Pilsen Bungee Bag by Po Campo

Pilsen Bungee Bag by Po Campo

Who doesn't love making their mom look good? The Po Campo Pilsen Bungee Bag is just the piece of “gear” disguised as handbag that is hands down unlike anything you’ve ever seen your mom carry around.

Relieve her of her carpetbag and give her this unique little handbag that doubles as a workhorse. She can carry things like a yoga mat or jacket with the straps underneath and there are plenty of pockets, so she can fill this bag with all her little needs before she heads out. Weatherproof fabrics and cute designs complete this lovely little purse.


3. Women's Multisport Greensboro Low Wool Socks by Farm to Feet

Farm to Feet Greensboro Low socks

There’s no way your mom will lose a pair of these socks in the black abyss of the laundry dryer. The Women’s Multisport Greensboro Low Wool Socks by Farm to Feet are a special pair of socks designed with unbelievable attention to detail.

These socks are made of 100 percent American merino wool with a micro-crew cut that stops chafing around the ankle. With hidden nylon plaiting that creates a smooth exterior and a low profile fit these socks even fight odor-causing bacteria build-up!

Trust us, you’re mom will appreciate the intimate details of these socks.


4. Women's Bison Shirt by Surf Wyoming

Women's Bison Shirt by Surf Wyoming

Super cool, super soft and super unique. The Women’s Bison Shirt by Surf Wyoming is a super sweet t-shirt for mom this Mother’s Day. Preshrunk cotton/poly/rayon blend and a rib-knit set in collar, your mom will love that you still think of her as hip while complimenting your consideration for her comfort.


5. Windrider 2400 Pack by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Best Gifts for Outdoor Moms

Your mom carried you for nine months — the least you can do is lighten her load. The Windrider 2400 Pack by Hyperlite Mountain Gear is just the product mom is looking for – easy on the back and super light (28.2 oz) this pack is perfect for weekend trips or long distance hikers.

Named the “Best Ultralight Pack,” by Backpacker Magazine, this pack is also the first choice for hikers on the Appalachian Trail.


6. Single Hammock by Hummingbird Hammocks

Hummingbird Hammocks Best Gifts for Outdoor Moms Garage Grown Gear

Parachute in this Mother’s Day with the Single Hammock by Hummingbird Hammocks. Your mom will love the opportunity to put her feet up in one of these hammocks by Chris Loidolt. Following a successful Kickstrater campaign, the Colorado based company is creating hand crafted hammocks made with parachute rigging that are lighter and stronger – fully supporting mom’s down time whether she’s in the woods, by the sea or in the desert.


7. Heart Butt™ Capri by Nina.B.Roze

Heart Butt Capri Legging

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a new mom or for grandma, these Heart Butt Capri workout leggings will celebrate every age and shape. High performing – just like mom—these pants can be used in any workout scenario from sport climbing to yoga. And if you really want to get crazy, throw on a pair of cute boots and take your mom two-stepping. Yeah, these pants look that good. Just like your mom.


8. Yoga Paws "Elite" by Yoga Paws

Yoga Paws Best Yoga Mat for Travel

Your mom is your foundation in many ways so why not provide her with that extra leverage with Yoga Paws.

With Yoga Paws mom can find her center through better balance as Yoga Paws utilizes a sophisticated design that provides support, padding and non-slip materials. Bonus points: this product is ideal for travel.

Pair this with the Heart Butt™ Capri and you’ll hear your mom say “Namaste.”


9. Yoga Block by Bompa Blocks

Bompa Blocks

Mom always said you would grow up one day – now help her grow into her yoga poses with the Yoga Block by Bompa Blocks. These blocks will help mom master her yoga poses for any practice. Mom will also appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of these blocks that, when not in practice, can act has an accent in any home, room or studio.


10. Women's BT1 Bamboo Base Layer Top by Bambool Thermics

Bambool Thermics Bamboo Baselayers Gifts for Mom Garage Grown Gear

Your mom deserves more than some itchy wool this Mother’s Day. Surprise her with bamboo! Who knew? Designed by Colorado residents Craig and Jessica Woods, the Women’s BT1 Bamboo Base Layer Top will look stunning on your mom whether it’s summer or winter.

Bamboo, as opposed to wool, has all the qualities of a workout layer that your mom will love: it’s soft, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and ecologically friendly. Combined with merino wool, this layer keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Magic. Just like mom.
















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