Kind Apparel Sol Dress Review: Cool, Cozy & Consciously Made!

Amy Hatch

Kind Apparel Sol Fleece Dress Review


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more compliments on a clothing item than with the Kind Apparel Sol Dress. Literally every single time I wear it, it catches someone’s attention enough to ask me about it. And ... for good reason! It’s one of the coolest, most comfortable pieces of apparel I’ve ever donned.

It is also very much my style (i.e. small mountain town style). My husband and mom actually separately commented, “Amy, that dress is so you.

I live in a tiny, rural Idaho town at the base of the Tetons. It’s the type of place where it’s totally commonplace for folks to do a backcountry ski lap in the dark before work, sneak out at lunch for a run or workout, or head to the skate ski track in the early evening.


Kind Apparel Sol Fleece Dress Review


It’s a place where we value clothes that seamlessly transition between work wear, evening wear and get-outside-and-play wear. And with 9 months of winter (sometimes literally, always seemingly), it’s a place where cold-weather fashion gets a lot of mileage (You can check out my ode to insulated skirts here).

This is all my long-winded way of saying that the Sol Dress fits both my body and lifestyle – which is not exactly surprising, given that it was designed and sewn in Montana by an awesome lady named Mallory Ottariano.


Kind Apparel Sol Fleece Dress Review


Mallory shares values that are very similar to my own. In addition to living an active, outdoor lifestyle, she has worked super hard to keep manufacturing local. And, she uses upcycled and recycled fabrics throughout Kind Apparel’s clothing line.

When Mallory graduated from college with a design degree and opened up an Etsy shop, she never imagined that it would grow into Kind Apparel. But with the grit and passion of a true Montana lady, she’s been able to grow her company to a point where it’s taking off.

Kind Apparel Sol Fleece Dress Review

Pros of the Kind Apparel Sol Dress

  • Totally unique and cool design
  • Fits well (I’m a “smedium” i.e. sometimes I wear a small and sometimes a medium; Mallory recommended a small for me)
  • Cozy and warm
  • Made in Montana!
  • LOVE the hood and kangaroo pocket on the front
  • Available in different color options
  • Made from Polartec Microgrid 200 fleece & recycled plastic lycra
  • A women-owned business!
  • I’m always excited to wear it!


Cons of the Kind Apparel Sol Dress

  • The lycra holds smell – I’ve found I need to wear an undershirt with sleeves as a barrier between my pits and the lycra
  • The fleece easily collects dog fur (but in all fairness a lot of clothes do!)
  • A bit on the pricey side at $127.99.

Kind Apparel Sol Fleece Dress Review


The bottom line: Yes, the Sol Dress will cost you more than a big-box, mass-produced dress. And ... it’s worth every penny, especially when you consider that it’s made right here in the USA with high-quality, consciously sourced fabrics! Plus, it might just become your favorite piece of clothing ... ever!


Sol Fleece Dress by Kind Apparel



Kind Apparel Sol Fleece Dress Review



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