Kickstarter Roundup: Cold Case Gear, Falcon Glasses, Lucia Tail Lights, and the Delta Shovel

Lloyd Vogel

It's an eclectic mix this week on Kickstarter! Check out projects from Cold Case Gear, NAKED Optics, Lucia, and Dmos!

Extreme temperatures require creative solutions! Ultralight and ultra insulating, Cold Case Gear's 2.2L pouch is meant to protect your items that are most vulnerable to intense heat and freezing cold. This means no frozen water, no dead batteries, no overheated phones, and teeth breaking cliff bars. Made in the USA and weighs just 2.8oz.

UNTETHER FROM TEMPERATURE - That's the Cold Case Gear objective. We use Aerogel, that's right, that NASA stuff, to make our unique, patent pending, product line. It is ultra light and ultra insulating. It's the real workhorse behind the Cold Case Gear line. Cold Case Gear makes products to insulate your food, water, fuel, and electronics from both extreme hot and cold. Store your cliff bars, energy gels, water filters, medication, and electronics in our pouch. The Pouch will protect them from whatever is happening outside so they can function as intended. 

Check out Cold Case Gear on Kickstarter



Sports sunglasses frequently thread a fine line between wildly cool and functional, and overly designed and bizarre. While I'll let you decide on this one yourself, these intense looking eyeball protectors were designed with endurance sports in mind. With great coverage from wind, dust and UV rays, these sunglasses transform between 3 modes depending on your level of activity.

Wouldn't it be amazing to just have one pair of sports sunglasses, which fits for all outdoor activities? YES, we thought so too! Therefore, we at NAKED, have designed, developed and tested a brand new concept of sports sunglasses for more than 1.5 years, which will be your best companion in every kind of mountain-, water- and endurance sport.

Our aim was to create glasses which provide best fit, vision and performance for an extremely wide range of different outdoor sports. This is made possible through 8 different parts which can be configured into 3 main sunglasses setups: 

  • Lifestyle (Standard)
  • Endurance Sports (Sweatband and Retainer)
  • Full Goggle Configuration (with Strap and Face Foam)

Check out the Falcon Sunglasses on Kickstarter



We are generally pretty supportive of any project attempting to make life safer for bicyclists, and the Lucia seems like a pretty straightforward and mindless addition for those wanting to make their movements for visible and predictable. While applicable most obviously for urban cyclists, it's an accessory that adds safety regardless of where you are biking. 

The all-new LUCIA is Compact, Powerful, Lightweight, Discreet and Features focused Lumens optics to provide meaningful visibility to drivers from up to 1km. 

  • Aerodynamic fitting seat rail, by a custom designed mount.
  • Equipped with an advanced triaxial accelerate sensor to accurately trigger a stop light when breaking.
  • Integrated light sensor auto-adjusts brightness to your environment
  • 180 degree field of view, with visibility up to 1km 
  • Smart On/Off movement detection, LUCIA turns itself off if no movement is detected & turns instantly on when you start pedaling..
  • With an illuminance sensor to automatically turn on when a cyclist rides on dark roads.
  • Waterproof: IPX4 to cycle under all weather conditions
  • With a LightWeight of 39g
  • USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery offers up to 24hr of run time in eco mode

Check out the Lucia on Kickstarter



The self-proclaimed "Goldilocks Shovel," the Delta Shovel is a strong, versatile, and portable digging tool for those needing something bigger than a trowel but smaller than a full-sized shovel. While it won't get any backcountry use, the Delta does seem ideal as an emergency addition to your trunk. I don't fancy digging out my Honda Fit with a Duece of Spades. 

The Delta Shovel operates in the area between E-Tools and full-sized contractor shovels. It’s got all their strengths, and none of their weakness - it’s a full-sized shovel you can take with you anywhere. It’s an E-tool that doesn’t suck to use. It’s the Goldilocks Shovel. Whatever you want to call it, it’s got some serious advantages over other tools.

Check out the Delta Shovel on Kickstarter


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