Kickstarter Roundup: Hammock Tents, Active Jeans, Doggie Beds & Titanium Glasses!

Lloyd Vogel

Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Kickstarter Projects currently seeking your support: Boulder Denim Jeans, Flex - 360 Hammock Tent, Daywolf Sunglasses, and the DoggyBag!

Not just stretchy pants, stretchy jeans! Created for individuals who flip-flop between the outdoors and the office, these active pants come in a variety of fits and colors. Also, unlike many Kickstarter pants, these denim wears are available (with a tee shirt) for just $89.

What started as a stylish climbing pant has quickly evolved into a pant that is perfect for virtually any activity. Introducing Boulder Denim 2.0: stretchier, softer, more water repellent, more durable, and now more affordable than ever!

Learn More - Visit the Boulder Denim 2.0 Kickstarter Project 


Flex-360 Hammock Tent by Clark: Be Flex-ible!

Clark is known for making tent hammocks that allow for set up in the trees or on the ground. On the ground its a 2 person bivy, and in the air its a roomy floating fortress. Designed to contain you and your gear, the flex 360 aims to bring the amenities of tent life to hammocking. It holds up to 700lbs, allows for a diagonal lay, and weights 3lbs 8oz.  

The Flex-360 Hammock Tent lets you bring a friend, child, dog or heavy gear inside with you. They won't cramp your style because you have your own space. The Flex-360 also gives you the flattest sleeping position possible.

Learn More - Visit the Flex -360 Hammock Tent Indiegogo Campaign 


There are few products that have as wide a price range as sunglasses. You can find incredibly cheap sunglasses that could serviceably last you a lifetime, or (like the Daywolf sunglasses above), you can invest in a $300 titanium pair that you'll most likely lose before you'll break. They've got lots of lens and frame colors for post-campaign selection!

The Daywolf® sunglasses are formed from a seven-piece bolted Titanium alloy frame with six vulcanized thermoplastic color-coordinated pads. Daywolf® eyewear includes organic, vented surfacing contoured using the newest technologies to minimize air currents which cause watery eyes during high-speed sporting activities like skiing, motorcycling and boating.

Learn More - Visit the Daywolf Kickstarter Project


Sure we just reviewed this, but it's so nice we wanted to plug it twice! Your four-legged friends like to be comfortable and cozy on the trail too, and with the DoggyBag by Whyld River, your dog will be warm, snuggly, and well rested for the next day's activities! Plus, if you've got all the gear you need for yourself (not like that's even possible), you might as well start decking out your dog, right?!?

The DoggyBag is a durable, water-resistant and insulated sleep system for your dog.  It's modular design allows it to be used as a sleeping bag, travel bed, or blanket, so that your canine best friend gets the best night's sleep no matter where your next adventure takes you.

Learn More - Visit the DoggyBag Kickstarter Project





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