Vander Jacket: One-of-a-Kind Running Apparel for Women

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Vander Jacket - Fall 2018 Line - One-of-a-kind Womens Running Jackets Hand-Made (2)

We first learned about Vander Jacket this summer during Gear & Beer, an event held in conjunction with Outdoor Retailer that showcased up-and-coming outdoor brands.

Here at Garage Grown Gear, we got the privilege of judging the event, and we gave Vander Jacket the “Unicorn Award” because its running apparel for women is downright beautiful, exceptionally designed, environmentally friendly and unlike anything we’d ever encountered.

Sarah Vander Neut, the force behind Vander Jacket, makes each and every running jacket and windbreaker (unisex) herself in her basement in Aurora, Colorado. Each piece is original and one of a kind.  

Vander Jacket - Sarah Vander Neut

One hundred percent of the fabric she uses is locally sourced, and 92 percent is sourced on the secondary market, as bolts of unused fabric, then cut up and sewn into jackets made from scratch.

Today, Vander Jacket launched its fall line. Here are a few of our favorites from the new collection...

 Vander Jacket - Fall 2018 Line - One-of-a-kind Womens Running Jackets Hand-Made (1)

Vander Jackets include many unique and well-thoughtout design elements, including thumb holes, pockets and reflective stripes. But our favorite design element, by far, is a hole in the sleeve for the face of your watch! Brilliant, right?!? No more trying to pull up the sleeve of your jacket with gloved hands to get a time reading!

Vander Jacket - Hole in Sleeve for Watch face

Sarah draws inspiration from her dad, who ran for Nike, and her mom, who taught her how to sew and served as her 4H sewing club leader. She grew up around athletic apparel and developed a deep appreciation for it from an early age.

A strong love for vintage polyester is evident in Sarah’s designs, and it's paired with contemporary technical fabrics, which makes each jacket have a distinctly Vander Jacket look.

Vander Jacket Windbreakers for Running

In addition to running jackets and windbreakers, Vander Jacket also offers commuter backpackers. These are created through a collaboration with Mile High Workshop – a non-profit institution that provides people transitioning out of incarceration, addiction and homelessness with industrial design skills so that they can seek positive careers.

What inspires Sarah to keep at it day after day?

“We believe that a person's run is one of the most positive, uplifting, and hopeful daily activities that he or she will do – so we want to make unique clothes for it!” she said.  

Vander Jacket - Original Hand Made Running Jackets Vintage Look

To learn more about Vander Jacket (formerly SVN Jackets) and Sarah check out this video from a Kickstarter she did back in 2015. Then head on over to to browse her new fall collection.

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