Bottle Pouch by Acromoda

484 Kč


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Altoona, WI | Est. 2022

The bottle pouch attaches to the Contour Fanny Pack, letting hikers carry 1L Smartwater-style water bottles on their hikes. Made from premium, tear-resistant Ultra-Stretch material, it holds bottles up to 9" in circumference. 

Note: Designed as an add-on to the Contour Fanny Pack by Acromoda only. This is NOT a backpack shoulder strap bottle pouch.



  • Dimensions (flat): 4.75"W x 7"T

Weight: 1oz (bottle pouch), 5.5oz (total with bottle pouch)

Materials: Ultra-Stretch

Made in the USA.

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