Ultralight Titanium Backpacking Cathole Trowels by QiWiz UL Gear

Size: Original
681 Kč


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Cleveland, OH | Est. 2011

Titanium is tough stuff to work with, but it makes a great trowel. Thin but incredibly strong. Ultralight, nearly indestructible, cuts turf and small roots with ease. All of the shaping of the titanium metal is done with high heat, which makes the titanium stronger and gives it a unique surface coloration. The handles have a yellow coating for better gripping and visibility (harder to lose in the leaves) as well as a hole if you you want to add a thin cord or string. Extra layers of coating are used to pad the handle tip for even better comfort.

Most people go for my popular mid-size trowel, the "Big Dig".
The smallest "Original" and largest "Mega Dig" trowels are also available.

Can you dig it?

***Discounts are not available on QiWiz products.



  • Original: 6" long
  • Big Dig: 7.25" long
  • Mega Dig: 8.5" long


  • Original: <0.4 oz
  • Big Dig: <0.6 oz
  • Mega Dig: <1.0 oz

Materials: Titanium

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