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Simply the best in blister prevention!

Got a hot spot developing? Want to be proactive about a high friction spot? Cut out a piece of leukotape and stick it on! Durable, adhesive, and highly effective. Ideal for hikers and runners.

Leukotape is a high adhesive strapping tape that consists of a 100% rayon tan color substrate that has been spread evenly with an adhesive mass. Contains dry natural rubber latex and colophony. The device is non-sterile and for single use. Intended duration of usage for not more than 30 days.

Note: contains Latex



  • Dimensions: 1.5 Inch x 15 Yard 

Weight: 3.9oz


  • Tape: Rayon
  • Adhesive: Dry Natural Rubber, Colophony (contains latex)
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