Kickstarter Roundup: CNOC Trekking Poles, Bearwatch, Smart Hangboards, and Reflective Jackets!

Lloyd Vogel

This week on Kickstarter? CNOC Trekking Poles, Bearwatch, Smart Hangboards, and Reflective Jackets!


Cnoc Telescopic Poles: Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles For Life

Returning to Kickstarter after an initial hiccup with their material sourcing, CNOC is back with their carbon fiber trekking poles! Made here in the USA, we've had a chance to check them out, and they...are...sweet! Ultralight, durable, and consisting of easily interchangeable parts, these poles are the real deal. 

Made with carbon fiber durable enough to survive the first flight on Mars, the Cnoc Trekking poles have easily repairable parts—in case you make a rough landing. They’re made in the United States with a newly developed quick lock for secure adjustment, tips that are simple to replace, and comfortable grips made of natural, compressed cork or soft EVA foam.

Check out the CNOC Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles on Kickstarter!



Bearwatch: Wildlife Deterrent Tent System

Curious. While I'm a firm believer that proper preventative methods are always the most important step when in areas heavily populated by bears (duh...), the notion of a lightweight bear fence is at the very least... curious. While the perimeter set up option is one I've seen before (though I can by no means vouch for it's effectiveness), I'd have some serious trepidations surrounding my own safety in regards to the option that attaches directly to the tent. The shock might be effective on the rare occasion a bear would wander into your tent, but the shock would be exceptionally unappreciated if it came unexpectedly from my own casual rolling over or flailing of a limb.  

Bearwatch is a patent-pending system that creates a layer of electric deterrence from wildlife such as bears who may curiously wander into your campsite at night. It is the first lightweight and compact electric wildlife deterrent system designed specifically for campers.

Check out the Bearwatch on Kickstarter!



Entralpi | Make Your Hangboard Smart

For those who can't get enough of stats and numbers (and climbing), this seems to be a product for you. It tracks your progress, supports your training, and helps develop those coke bottle forearms.   

Entralpi transforms any simple environment into your perfect training ground. It measures the lifted force on any hangboard. We built Entralpi with a specific goal in mind: climbing harder without getting injured.  

Check out the Entralpi on Kickstarter! 



LX-Paclite - The Reflective Ultralight Packable Jacket

Light, waterproof, and if the videos and photos are accurate, incredibly reflective! Built for biking or really any other activity that involves being outside at night (and a desire to be seen), the LX-Paclite comes in 3 colors and in men's and women's options.

When we first started to develop our reflective jackets 2 years ago, we knew that the most important element to get right was the fabric. Rather than just using the standard off the shelf silver reflective fabric every other brand uses, we researched + developed + tested our own unique material.

Our fabric is extremely water-proof. our fabric has an external DWR water-proof coating + an internal 10K/10K membrane allowing your hot body vapour to escape whilst keeping out the cold rain. 

Check out the LX - Paclite on Kickstarter


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