Women's Wayfarer Long Sleeve by Borealis Wool Co.


Color: Lupine
Size: X-Small
$ 89.99


Ships in 2-3 business days | Based in Minneapolis, MN | Est. 2015

We know you love versatility and so do we. That's why we designed the Women's Wayfarer Long Sleeve to handle all of your hustle. With 100%, incredibly soft merino, and the almost magical antibacterial properties of Merino Wool, it is a literal game changer. So go ahead and throw your most marathon day at it...you won't be disappointed.


  • Breathable and temperature regulating
  • Antimicrobial properties allow it to be washed less often than other garments
  • UV protection that is superior to other fabrics



  • 100% ZQ certified Merino
  • 17.5 microns
  • 160 gsm (baselayer weight)

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