Vegetable Lentil Soup by Heather's Choice


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Heather lived off of lentil soup in college, so this meal deserved a spot on the adventure menu as a nourishing, vegetarian friendly backpacking meal. It's loaded with protein and vegetables, which we all need more of out there on the trail. One of Heather's Choice field testers proclaimed, "This meal changed my life! It's the best backpacking meal I've ever had." They'll take that as a solid endorsement.


Ingredients: Water. Dried Lentils. Onion. Dried Carrots. Dried Potatoes. Tomato Paste. Dried Celery. Olive Oil. Garlic. Sea Salt. Nutritional Yeast. Minced Garlic. Garlic Powder. Sea Salt. Onion Powder. Celery Salt. Cumin.

  • Serves 1

Single serving: 420 calories, 23g protein, 4.5g fat, 74g carb.

Weight: 4oz

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