Stretch Shoulder Pocket by Waymark Gear Co.


$ 22


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in West Valley City, UT | Est. 2017

As lightweight and minimalist as it gets!

Made from premium Ultra Stretch fabric and ECOPAK EPX200, this pocket adds quick access to your water bottle, cell phone, and snacks with this low profile stretch pocket that mounts straight to any Waymark backpack or backpack with a vertical webbing loop on the shoulder strap.

This pocket will fit:

  • Small to medium size water bottles (ex. 20 oz Smart Water or Small Gatorade. 1L bottles not recommended)
  • Cell phone (iPhone standard and + size)
  • Small compact camera (ex. Sony RX100)
  • Snacks



    • Attaches with 1 Slik Clip at the top to a daisy chain located on all Waymark packs, and an elastic strap at the top and bottom that slides snug around your shoulder strap.
    • This pocket is removable with an elastic top, premium Ultra Stretch fabric, and ECOPAK EPX200 Backing.

    Weight: 0.7 oz


    • Fabric: Ultra Stretch & ECOPAK EPX200
    • Hardware: Slik clip

    Made in the USA


    Attachment Instructions: For a Waymark pack, remove webbing from the tensioner on the bottom of the shoulder strap. Slide the shoulder strap through the two elastic loops on the back side of the Stretch Shoulder Pocket. The Sternum strap will need to be pulled through the top elastic loop as well. Slide the Slik clip into one of the two webbing loops on the shoulder strap above the sternum strap, and snap the clip together. Then reattach the webbing to the shoulder strap.

    For non Waymark packs: Before purchasing a Stretch Shoulder Pocket, ensure your pack has an attachment point for the slick clip to attach to on the shoulder strap. This would likely be a webbing loop sewn to the shoulder strap. We do not recommend attaching this pocket to a shoulder strap that doesn’t have a webbing loop for attachment, like a horizontal, thin elastic loop. (i.e. Many Osprey, Gregory, Gossamer Gear, Granite Gear, and more packs do not have proper attachment points for our stretch shoulder pocket.)

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