Nitecore NU17 Rechargeable Running Headlamp by Nitecore


$ 24.95


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Austin, TX | Est. 2009

The NITECORE NU17 is an ultra-lightweight USB rechargeable headlamp that provides hands-free capability for your daily tasks and outdoor activities. The NU17 features a bright 130 lumen wide-angle floodlight that illuminates your entire field of view. It also features a high CRI reading light for up-close details and a red light, perfect for camping, backpacking, fishing, stargazing and more.

The NU17 has a user-friendly two-button design where you can switch among the three lights, adjust brightness, and access special modes. The buttons are protected by a solid tab to prevent accidental activation. Built on an ultra-compact frame, the NITECORE NU17 weighs only 1.62 ounces. The headband has a built-in silicone strip that firmly secures that NU17 and diverts sweat away from your eyes. The headband is reflective to provide additional visibility to motorists, making it safe for night time walking, running, or jogging.

The NU17 is USB rechargeable and runs up to 150 hours on a single charge. Its battery and charging status indicator tells you the remaining battery life. Use the included USB cable to charge your eco-friendly NU17 without having to replace any batteries. 


  • 3 Brightness Levels + 3 LEDs + 2 Special Modes
  • Auxiliary High CRI White + Auxiliary Red LED
  • Built-in USB Rechargeable 580mAh Li-ion Battery
  • 180 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Flood
  • Reflective Headband with Built-in Silicone Ring
  • IP66 Waterproof Rating + Impact Resistant 1m



  • Dimensions: 2.09" L x 1.19" D x 1.08" H
  • Max. Brightness: 130 lumens
  • Peak Beam Distance: 47 yards
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 460 cd
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Impact Resistance: 1m

Weight: 1.65oz

Brightness Outputs:

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