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These polypropylene jars come complete with white unlined screw caps. Polypropylene is an impact resistant material, and these jars are great for repackaging food, medical items, repair kits, or anything else you want to keep safe and separate!

.25oz Jar = 1.22in tall - 1.3in diameter -  .1oz weight
Jar = 1.57in tall - 1.3in diameter - .2 oz weight
1oz Jar = 1.65in tall - 1.57in diameter - .3oz weight
2oz Jar = 1.85in tall - 1.92in diameter - .4 oz weight
4oz Jar = 2.75in tall - 2.08in diameter - .6oz weight
8oz Jar = 2.51 tall - 3.33in diameter - 1oz weight
16oz Jar = 3.97in tall - 3.26in diameter - 1.8oz weight

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