Guatemalan Medium Roast Brew Bag by High Side Coffee


Quantity: 1 pack
$ 1.75


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in San Diego, CA | Est. 2019

High Side Coffee's Single-Serve Brew Bags give you coffee shop quality without having to use any fancy equipment. Just drop the Brew Bag in 8oz. of hot water, let it soak for a few minutes, and enjoy! Fuel your adventures with High Side Coffee™.


  • Specialty Grade Coffee (Rated 84+)
  • No equipment necessary, just add hot water
  • Individually sealed for freshness
  • Compostable Brew Bags
  • Available in individually wrapped packs of one, three, or seven

Tasting Notes - Chocolate Covered Orange | Deep Caramel | Well Rounded | Medium/Full Body

Roast Level - Medium


    Ingredients: 100% Single-Origin Guatemalan Coffee

    • Serves 1

    Weight: 0.5oz (net), 0.6oz (package)

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