Go Dog Glo Harness by Stunt Puppy

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Harnesses can be helpful for dogs that are over-enthusiastic on the leash, but they aren’t just for dogs that pull. They can help any dog to be more safe and comfortable when out with you.

The Go-Dog-Glo Harness uses a unique combination of fabrics and structural design to provide comfort, security and additional visibility.

The Breastplate

  • Provides structure and stability for the harness, reduces pressure points and holds the harness in place without the need to be restrictively tight
  • Made from durable, reflective fabrics with a soft mesh inner for comfort and visibility

The Martingale-Style Leash Attachment

  • Glides as you loosen and tighten the pressure on the leash. This can signal to your dog that it’s time to pump the breaks and check in with you, reducing pulling behavior.
  • Sits over the top of the shoulder where you have the best body control and minimizes the fuss of leashes getting caught around the front legs. 

Along with safety, security and visibility the secret sauce of the Go-Dog-Glo harness is the combination of the breastplate and martingale attachment. The Go-Dog-Glo is designed for people who are looking for something that’s more secure or comfortable on some dogs than a collar or for a tool to help improve on-leash manners.

Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Harness from Stunt Puppy on Vimeo.



First - measure your dog's girth. What's girth you ask? Measure around your dog's chest just behind your dog's front arm pits.

Dog Girth

Girth 15"- 23" (13 - 58cm) - Small

Girth 23-29 inches (58 - 74cm) - Medium

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