Gear Vest 2.0 by Orange Mud


Color: Black-Orange
$ 109.95


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Castle Rock, CO | Est. 2012

Looking for a small pack that holds 1L/35oz of fluids, the ability to carry a plus sized phone, backup front pocket for a soft flask or other gear, and shoulder pockets for food and essentials? This is the pack! Its tiny size is wide ranging in fit, and high performing for tackling everything from a lunch time run, marathon, triathlon, endurance ride, and more. 

The key to fit, cinch the sides first, not the front, until you feel the pack anchor on your shoulders. Then adjust the front harness as needed so you can breathe during movement.

During any sport the Gear Vest is extremely stable to torsional, up and down, and fast movements. It tracks with your body and is very comfortable to wear. Storage up front is designed around 500ml or 600ml soft flasks.

  • Weight without bladder: 8.9oz
  • Bladder size: 1L (35oz) included
  • Sport focus: Trail and ultra-running, Marathon, Mountain Biking, Triathlon, Hiking, SUP, Hiking, Skiing

    What's new with 2.0? We added a 1.5" longer front chest harness, a dual sternum slider, and front trash pockets. The new slider gives more adjustability with ease, and the longer chest pockets mean any size flask up to 600ml will fit great, plus sized phones are super secure, and there is plenty of room for gear.

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