Ultra Dog Bowl by Chicken Tramper Gear


Color: Mulberry
$ 35



Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Hancock, MI | Est. 2018

Dogs love Ultralight

Chicken Tramper constructs this product by permanently sealing the 4 vertical seams inside of the bowl. Instead of taping or gluing over sewn seams, they bond the material together to create a water tight durable seam. 

The CTUG Ultra Dog Bowl tapers in at the top for a spill resistant design while still leaving enough space for most dogs to take a drink! 2" webbing along the rim of the bowl ensures a rigid rim that stays open for easy drinking for your four legged friend.

The ribbon attached to the rim of the Dog Bowl is perfect for your carabiner or clip to attach the bowl to your gear. The Ultra Dog Bowl folds perfectly into a bracelet for easy packing. 


  • Collapsible:¬†Easily¬†fold your dog bowl¬†into a ring for easy packing.¬†
  • Water Tight:¬†Chicken Tramper¬†permanently seals¬†the 4 seams inside of the bowl to create a water tight durable seam.¬†
  • Packable:¬†Either¬†clip the buckle ring¬†around a strap on your gear or¬†use the ribbon¬†and a carabiner of your own to clip it to your leash or pack!

Also great as a wash basin for humans!



  • Volume: 1.6L
  • Dimensions: 5.25"¬†W¬†(at base) x 4.5" H, 6"¬†Diameter
  • Packed size: 4" x 1.5"

Weight: 1.6oz


  • X-Pac (VX21)
  • 2" Nylon webbing
  • 5/8" Nylon webbing
  • 5/8" Buckles
  • 1/2" Grosgrain Ribbon

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