Chargers by Shamma Sandals


Size: 5
Footbed: Ultragrip
Power Straps (+$11.95): No
$ 79.95


Ships directly from Shamma in 3-5 business days | Based in Santa Cruz, CA | Est. 2014

Tap into your natural strength - Regain your form, balance, and movement. Chargers are light and responsive without even a trace of floppiness. Smooth on the road, and rock solid on the trail.


The lightweight minimal design of Shamma Sandals make them ideal for running. Especially hitting the trail at high speed, Shammas are the ultimate minimalist running sandal. The flexibility of the sole coupled with the Elite Lacing System, make the sandals feel more like a glove than traditional sandals. 

For casual, everyday wear, the Chargers are a great option. The serious minimalist will love the thinner, lighter, extreme flexibility of the Warrior. For the rugged runner or hiker, the Mountain Goats offer great durability.


Footbed Options

  • Tobacco Brown Leather - Comfy goatskin leather, great for most conditions. Does ok in rain and with sweaty feet, etc. however, no leather really loves water. In very wet conditions where the leather becomes soaked, the leather will become slippery until it dries out again. For the most part it handles well unless it's soaked.
  • UltraGrip -  Waterproof & dries quickly. For heavy water activities, we definitely recommend UltraGrip.

Lacing System

Chargers use our Elite Lacing. The Shamma Elite Lacing System comfortably and securely keeps your feet connected to your sandals. It is fully adjustable across your feet, down your feet, and in the heel. Adjustment are quick, easy, and secure with hook and loop fasteners. For an additional layer of stability and performance, Ultra Lacing can be paired with our Power Straps.



Thickness: 6mm-7mm

Weight: ~3.2oz / sandal (size 9)


Thickness: 6mm-7mm

Weight: approximately 3.2oz / sandal (at size 9)

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