6' Crimp Classic Leash + Locking Carabiner by CragDog


Color: Green
$ 34.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Duluth, Minnesota | Est. 2020

6′ dog leash made from recycled climbing rope with a new Bravo Locking Carabiner from Metolius Climbing.

This standard dog leash + new locking carabiner is used by those who want what they know; a standard, classic, leash with a Metolious Bravo locking carabiner for extra security.

The Crimp Classic+ climbing rope Dog Leash is hand-made in Duluth, Minnesota using an up-cycled climbing rope. 30% of each sale is given back directly to the climbing community.

Note: as leashes are made from recycled rope, colors may vary. 

Current stock is green.

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