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    What the heck is Garage Grown Gear? 

    Garage Grown Gear helps you discover innovative outdoor startups. The story of the companies we feature follows a similar thread. Someone goes on an outdoor adventure and thinks "wouldn't it be cool if?" This individual - often an engineer or designer - then returns home, begins tinkering and before long a business is born. There are hundreds of these companies spread across the country. We tell their startup stories and review their gear in our online magazine and sell their gear in our online store. 

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    What's the catch?

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    Share your experience!

    21 reviews

    What a pleasure it was to do business with GGG!

    I ordered the SWD x GGG pack last year, and it has been such a pivotal piece of gear since! Not only on trail, but also off trail! I use it as my everyday bag to work and school during the week, and in the back country on the weekend!

    It was a real privilege to do business with a company like GGG that has deep connections to the grassroot community!

    Cool gear and great customer service experiennce

    I have made several purchases from GGG and have liked everything I have bought even though I have not heard of many of these brands before. They have all been very high quality and unique.
    Most importantly their customer service has been excellent.
    They are quick to respond and they aim to please.

    Amazing customer service

    I've been browsing the GGG website for a long time and finally decided to make an order for multiple items I've been eyeing. Turns out that the company making one of the items I ordered could no longer supply it, even though it had been up for ordering on the GGG site. GGG took swift action: they refunded me for the missing item, took the brand off their site immediately and included a bunch of awesome freebies with the rest of my order. Such attentive customer service is rare and much appreciated. I'll definitely be ordering from them again!

    High quality people selling high quality gear!

    I am a big fan of Garage Grown Gear. By far the best place to find unique, high quality gear. The hand written notes that come with each order are a fun personal touch and show that they are passionate about what they do. And it’s nice knowing my money is going towards helping small businesses! I will absolutely be ordering from them again.

    High quality and unique gear

    GGG is the first place I look for gifts and for myself when I'm considering an outdoor gear purchase. I especially appreciate what they must be doing to find, screen and accept only the highest quality and unique gear that you can't find elsewhere. Their personal touches such as returning emails quickly and answering any questions is "one of a kind" from my perspective. It feels good to purchase from a small USA company that promotes entrepreneurs who have great ideas and "garage grown" quality products. Also, their online magazine is chock full of ideas and insights.