Insulite™ Insulated Food Pouch by Big Sky International

Size: Small
58 zł


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Jackson, WY | Est. 2005

Do camp chores while your meals are cooking/rehydrating in this pouch and find the food still hot when you are ready to eat!

Big Sky International's Insulated Food Pouch uses insulated and reflective materials to retain temperature. It keeps food hot while rehydrating or beverages cold for longer. Freestanding while in use and packs down small when not in use.

Big Sky partners with a factory to obtain this reflective fabric otherwise meant for the landfill - such as misprinted fabric (which they turn inside out so misprinting is not shown), or leftover end rolls and/or fabric scraps. The premium PrimaLoft insulation is made with 70% post-consumer recycled content (PCR). Every meter used saves 2.5 plastic bottles from the landfill. (Learn more about how PrimaLoft recycles plastic bottles to make insulation.


  • Durable non-woven fabric
  • Made with recycled and upcycled materials
  • Compressible, folds/stuffs to a very small size
  • Freestanding design

Warning: A very hot pot may melt the fabric. Let pot cool below boiling temperature before placing into pouch. The fabric has melting point of 135C/275F. The pouch was designed for boiling water which is 100C/212F.




      • Dimensions: 8" x 8" | 20cm x 20cm
      • Packed size: 8" x 2.5" x 1"
      • Fits: 1 quart sized bag, most single serving dehydrated meals

      Weight: 1oz


      • Dimensions: 10" x 10" | 25cm x 25cm
      • Packed size: 10" x 3" x 1"
      • Fits: 1 quart sized bag + 2 sandwich sized bags, most 2+ serving dehydrated meals

      Weight: 1.5oz


      • Dimensions (unrolled): 12"W x 16"T | 30cm x 40cm
      • Dimensions (in use, rolled): 12"W x 12"T |  30cm x 30cm
      • Packed size: 12" x 4" x 1"
      • Fits: 6 cans or bottles + a few small ice packs

      Weight: 2.3oz


      • Outer Fabric: Reflective fabric 
      • Insulation: 60gsm PrimaLoft®

      Made in China



      • Add hot water to the meal pouches, then put them into the Insulite pouches to "cook"
      • The insulated pouches make it easier to hold hot food pouches
      • Roll down the sides of the insulated pouches to make it easier to eat out of the meal pouches

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