Warriors by Shamma Sandals

Size: 6
390 zł


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Santa Cruz, CA | Est. 2014

Light, agile, fast

Designed for the hardcore minimalist. Extremely flexible, ultra-light, and tons of traction. For those who want a sandal with the least amount of material between their feet and the ground.

The Ride

The Warriors' aggressive tread is well suited for trails and keeps you on them when you're speeding along. Experienced minimalist runners will find that they are great on the road as well. They have a little more bounce and a longer break in period than Shamma's other sandals, and the trade off is you get more flexibility, more range of movement in the foot, and better ground-feel.

Sandal Sole

Warriors use 5mm Vibram Newflex as the base soling material. They have an aggressive off-road tread pattern, which accounts for around 2mm of the total 5mm thickness. This razor-thin stack means that the Warriors are extremely flexible, allowing the sandals to follow your foot's shape and movement.

Footbed: UltraGrip is waterproof, and also dries quickly. If you're planning on swimming, river crossings, and other conditions where you're fully submerged, getting Power Straps is also recommended.



  • Thickness (inside tread): 2.5mm-3mm
  • Thickness (total with tread): 5mm-6mm

Weight: ~3oz / sandal (in size 9)


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