Yak Wool Hiking and Skiing Socks from Peak to Plateau

Lloyd Vogel

Based out of Christchurch, New Zealand, Peak to Plateau makes amazing apparel out of Yak Wool. Incredibly breathable, exceptionally comfortable, and warmer than their merino wool-based counterparts, we are proud to be Peak to Plateau's USA based partner! 

In November of 2017, Peak to Plateau launched a Kickstarter for a new line of Yak Wool hiking and skiing socks. 

These made in New Zealand socks hit the market this week! We've got all three pairs in stock and ready to ship, and wanted to tell you a little more about the differences between each pair. Let's check them out!


Yak Wool Socks from Peak to Plateau


Trail Crew Light Sock:
The Trail Crew Light socks are your straightforward go to hikingsocks. Exceptionally comfortable and warm, they are a zero frills sock that performs exactly as expected.

They don't slide down your ankle, they have reinforced heels and toes, and while my feet have only adorned them for a couple of days (they JUST got on the market), their minimalist design seems really durable.

In comparison to merino wool socks, the Trail Crew Light yak wool socks seem warmer and fuzzier. 58% Yak, 14% Nylon, 18% Lycra, 10% Spandex.

Yak Wool Hiking Socks from Peak to Plateau


Ladakh Crew Sock:
The Ladakh sock is a more technical hiking sock. While I've always found the idea of a technical sock to be humorous, the Ladakh does have several features that the Trail Crew sock doesn't.

It provides extra cushion under your foot and on your shins, and there are several sections of mesh knit that are designed to allow your feet to breathe.

Similarly to the Trail Crew, the Ladakh also has reinforced heels and toes, and seemingly provides excellent comfort, warmth, and support.

I hope you know your lefts and rights, because these foot warmers are designed (and labeled) to fit each foot. 46% Yak, 16% Nylon, 14% Lycra, 13% Spandex, 11% Merino.


Yak Wool Hiking Socks from Peak to Plateau


Pamir Ski Sock:
Unlike the other two socks, which were designed primarily for hiking, the Pamir Ski Sock was (you guessed it) designed for skiing.

From the ankle down, the design seems to be almost identical to the Ladakh. The real differences are in the height of the sock (mid-calf in height), the mesh back panel (for ventilation), and the elastic cuff (designed to keep your socks above your boots). 43% Yak, 19% Nylon, 15% Lycra, 14% Merino, 9% Spandex.


Yak Wool Skiing Socks from Peak to Plateau




Trail Crew Light Yak Wool Socks by Peak to Plateau



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