Kickstarter Roundup: Quilts, Beanies, Umbrellas, UL Pillows, Sleeping Pads and More!

Lloyd Vogel

This week on Kickstarter? Quilts, Beanies, Umbrellas, UL Pillows, Sleeping Pads and a 3 in 1 Hammock!



Stratus Top Quilt: The Sleeping Un-Bag & Hammock Top Quilt

I'm always intrigued by a new quilt design! However, at 24oz for a 40-degree quilt, these oddly footboxed synthetic quilts are pretty heavy. Built to be one size fits all, they are intentionally designed to be oversized. Ultralight and oversized are 2 pretty noncompatible thoughts, and while oversized might be nice for hanging out on the sofa, too oversized forces your body to expend energy heating up a much larger space. The end result is a colder night sleep.

The Stratus Top Quilt is an ultralight version of our most popular product ever, The Adventure Top Quilt. It has a sleek new look and is only about half the weight of  the Adventure Top quilt, weighing only 1.5 pounds. It packs down to a compact size of about six by eight inches and it includes a water resistant compression bag.

Check out the Stratus Top Quilt on Kickstarter



Air: Warmest, Lightest, and Smallest Down Beanie

It's hard to make a down hat look good, but this imitation Black Rock Gear is certainly trying its darndest to bring the mushroom head phenomenon to the masses! At 1oz, these packable down hats are made from 700fp Goose Down. Is a Black Rock Gear hat actually warmer, lighter, and smaller than the Air? Certainly. Is the Air still a totally serviceable ultralight down hat? Most likely.

World's Warmest and Lightest Beanie. RDS Certified Water Resistant Shell and Goose Down. Windproof Shell. All for just 1 oz (29 grams).

Check out the Air Down Beanie on Kickstarter



Instant Pillow: The Instantly Inflatable Pillow

The instant pillow is designed around what UL backpackers have been doing for years: filling stuff sacks/dry bags with clothing to make a pillow. Instead of filling that stuff sacks with clothing, the Instant Pillow is designed to be filled with air! Think Flex Air pillow without the straw. Pillow at night, stuff sack by day! At $3 a pillow, it's intriguing.

A Patent Pending Instantly Inflatable Pillow that can be inflated and deflated even in small spaces. No awkward blowing needed!

Check out the Instant Pillow on Kickstarter



A.Brolly Tube Auto – The lightest anti-collision umbrella

At just over 8oz, this UPF50+ umbrella is built to both ultralight and durable. With specs very comparable to umbrellas by Gossamer Gear and Six Moon Designs, if you are a backpacker flirting with the idea of using an umbrella while hiking, the Tube Auto is worth checking out. Was it designed for hikers? Nope! Would it work well? It seems so! 

The Tube Auto is light and easy to carry, setting it apart from all other standard, heavy automatic umbrellas. Despite it’s lightness, it also has both functional and stylist advantages. In the hustle and bustle of the modern city, the Tube Auto can react to all kinds of weather changes and bring everyone to their destination stylishly and with the utmost convenience.

Check out the Tube Auto Umbrella on Kickstarter



LINK - versatile blanket, hammock cocoon, travelsheet etc.  

If you are wondering why this Kickstarter looks familiar, it's because the 3 for 1 hammock, groundsheet, and blanket combo cycles through Kickstarter once every couple months. Nothing to report here.

Tired of bringing too much or not enough everytime you go outdoors? LINK is a versatile blanket with everything you need to relax outside, all in one tiny package! If there are trees, it’s a hammock, on windier days you can snap it around you. If there’s a field or you are back home in the sofa, it’s a cozy blanket. If you’re traveling, it’s a pillow or travelsheet. Perfect for backpacking, vanlife, festivals, home comfort, or just a day outside.

See the LINK on Kickstarter 



Zero Mattress

Light? Yes, but with a R-Value of 2ish this 9oz destined for Amazon product most likely lacks both warmth and comfort. 

The ZERO MATTRESS is great for camping, lightweight backpack or backpacking adventures . It provides a high degree of comfort and plush sleeping experience at a low weight.ZERO MATTRESS adopts an innovative fabric production technique, the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles .Not only Eco-friendly, but also quiet and durable. Lighten up your outdoor gear and enjoy the nature!

Check out the Zero Mattress on Indiegogo


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Mike Hedman

Mike Hedman

For the pillow, I think maybe you read it wrong – shipping is $3, the item is $15.
Still an interesting product though!

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