DirtSaw™ Deuce® #2 Trowel by The TentLab

Color: Sky


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Louisville, Colorado | Est. 2003

Anyone who’s followed The TentLab's designs since their start in 2014 knows they think way too much about how to make their Deuce of Spades™ trowels dig poop-holes faster, easier and more efficiently. The main feature upgrade for 2023 is a doozy: The TentLab's NEW Patent Pending DirtSaw® Deuce is a total rethink of how to use a small hand tool to make a hole in the ground.

The DirtSaw® has many small details: the handle end is slightly flared so you can use the DirtSaw as a pull-or-push saw. The blunt front shape is much better for pulling out loose dirt from deeper holes and makes a stronger tip for prying (when you’re not prying with the handle end). Handle ripples add friction and surface area for greater hand comfort. The size of the scoops are very useable for moving dirt quickly out of a hole (these are not micro-scoop trowels). All deuces are tumbled and fully deburred for smooth, rounded edges. The colorful anodized finish - pick a color that makes you happy - keeps it from corroding and smearing your hand with gray alumi-schmutz. All Deuces have lifetime warranties and can be 100% recycled anywhere that accepts aluminum.


  • Literally saws the ground - makes fast holes in hard dirt, clay, even gravel
  • Obtuse triangular teeth won’t get caught in roots, can’t cut the user’s hand, and doesn’t need to be sharp to work
  • Recessed teeth - won't cut hands when upside down, can be sharpened with a nail file, catches & cuts tenacious roots
  • Short handle - allows users to exert more force by pushing on the shoulders and top of the trowel at the same time, has vastly better dexterity in deeper holes than longer handled trowels
  • Ray-bends - make the Deuce® 65% stronger against bending in the middle and almost 3X stronger at the hole



  • Dimensions: 6.8"L x 2.5"W

Weight: 0.6oz | 17g

Materials: 7075-T6 Aluminum 

Made in the USA or Made in Korea


How to use: Use with a rotating back and forth motion on the front corners, regular in-and-out motion on sides. You still use it upside down to probe the area before you start and to wheedle, break up and pry as the hole gets deeper. With The Deuce® the work-flow of making your poop-hole is one of continually changing grip as you saw, scoop and pry your way to a true 6” to 8” deep hole.

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