NanoLite 38°F by Western Mountaineering

Size: 5'8"
RM1,960 MYR


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in San Jose, CA | Est. 1970

Fans, customers, and dealers alike have been asking Western Mountaineering about quilts for years. Their answer is here: the NanoLite.

This quilts are a thru-hikers dream - constructed with Western Mountaineering's 12 denier nylon ExtremeLite™ shell fabric, a 10D taffeta liner and their world famous 850+ fill down, they’ve created products with stellar weight savings.

The NanoLite top quilt is designed with a set of adjustable and removable pad straps that are compatible with any backpacking sleeping pad. When no gram can go unaccounted for, the straps can also be removed. Other features include a sewn through footbox and an insulated draft yoke with elastic closure for maximum heat retention.

Because the NanoLite is hoodless, it is important to pack adequate head insulation. The NanoLite is designed for above freezing so a beanie and neck gaiter will do. This quilt is designed to be used with an insulated sleeping pad. If you sleeping pad is uninsulated or poorly insulated these products will sleep much colder than intended. Make sure to check the R-value of your pad to ensure it is adequate for 3 season use.


  • Insulated draft yoke
  • Flat elastic pad straps for pad attachment and quilt closure
  • 850+ fill power down
  • Made in USA
  • 12d shell fabric/10d liner


  • Stuff sack
  • Storage sack

Fit: The 5’8″ version is designed to fit over the shoulders of people at or below 6’0″ tall and the 6’4″ version is designed for people between 6’0″ and 6’6″.



  • Temperature rating: 38°F
  • Loft: 3.5" (total, both sides)
  • Packed size: 5" x 10"


  • Fits individuals: ≤ 6'
  • Inside girth (Shoulder | Hip | Foot): 68" | 38"

Weight: 13.3oz (total), 6.5oz (fill weight)


  • Fits individuals: 6' - 6'6"
  • Inside girth (Shoulder | Hip | Foot): 68" | 38"

Weight: 14.8oz (total), 7.25oz (fill weight)


  • Outer Fabric: 12D Nylon ExtremeLite™
  • Inner Fabric: 10D Nylon Taffeta
  • Insulation: 850+ Fill Power Goose Down*
  • Hardware: #5 YKK Zipper

    Made in the USA


    *Western Mountaineering has been using ethical down for decades. They personally audit their main supplier regularly and some of the inspections are made without advance scheduling. This farm is highly ethical; the geese are raised to old age for their eggs, get to roam the grounds during the day and nest in a specialized insulated barn. During nesting, the mature mother geese molt their down in order to insulate their nest. This down is then collected while the geese are out feeding during the day.

    Because Western Mountaineering's down comes from large mature mother geese it is unparalleled in fill power AND the most ethical it could be!

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