Aquamira Water Treatment - 1 oz. by Aquamira



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Aquamira 1 oz. Water Treatment (Chlorine Dioxide) kills bacteria while enhancing the taste of treated water. Everything you need to treat 30 gallons in the field comes in a compact, lightweight kit and works in virtually every situation. It’s so effective, even the CDC recommends Chlorine Dioxide as the most comprehensive water treatment available.  Comes in a plastic bottle.


    • Kills odor causing bacteria and enhances the taste of stored potable water
    • Treatment has a 4-year shelf life from the manufacturing date
    • Treats up to 30 gallons
    • Easy to Use
    • No Aftertaste
    • Made in the USA



    • Volume: 2 fluid ounces (combined both droppers)
    • Capacity: Treats up to 114L of water

    Weight: 3.3oz

    Made in the USA



    1. Squeeze 7 drops of Part A and 7 drops of Part B in the mixing cap.
    2. Wait 5 minutes!
    3. Empty the mixing cap into 1L of water.
    4. Shake and wait 15 minutes. Wait up to 30 minutes If water is very cold, cloudy or tinted.
    5. Hydrate!

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