4 MYOGers to Pay Attention To!

Lloyd Vogel

While most people are familiar with the term DIY (Do It Yourself), for some, MYOG (Make Your Own Gear), might be a slightly less familiar term. MYOGers are exactly what they sound like, people who elect to create gear instead of purchasing what's currently available on the market. Requiring some degree of knowledge regarding materials, potential features, and how to sew, many of the brands we work with have evolved from leftover fabric, a creative idea, and an old sewing machine they almost forgot they had. First making gear for themselves, then for their friends and family, and eventually launching companies for the UL masses! This week we take a look at 4 innovative MYOGers who are creating (and now selling in limited quantities) some pretty unique gear and apparel. 

1. Skylight Gear

Skylight Gear has acquired quite the cult following over the past 2 years, and Spencer (its founder) is continually pushing the limits of UL and SUL gear. Currently operating without a website, Spencer's main platform for showcasing and selling his gear is his Instagram page. His gear (everything from packs to shelters) and apparel (everything from DCF jackets to fleece pants) are available in extremely limited quantities. This is primarily due to the fact that Spencer currently a full-time college student!

Check out Skylight Gear on Instagram



2. YAR.gear

After getting off the AT in 2017, Adam "Boomer " Bruce started making packs! While perhaps best recognized under the Instagram handle "adamthebruce" Adam started the official YAR.gear website just a couple weeks ago. While his distinctive style of pack making has traditionally involved combining colorful scrap materials into a singular pack, he is now offering some more uniformed variants of his 32L and 38L packs. His colorful packs are also memorable because of their dynamic external pockets and storage. 

Check out the new YAR.gear website!



 3. ultralightknifeultralightknife

Canadian maker and shaker Justin Lamoureux started making UL knives and posting them to Instagram just under a year ago. They've gone through tweaks, changes, and slightly different iterations, but these modifications have always been done to create a better cutting option for ultralight backpackers. We've checked out samples and they are pretty sweet! While Justin's without a website, he's currently taking orders via email: forgerainyday@gmail.com

Check out ultralightknife on Instagram!



4. Functional Clothing LabFunctional Clothing Lab

While available on Etsy (and not limited to purely ultralight gear), FCL founder Kseniia is creating some pretty unique apparel that certainly fits somewhere into the world of ultralight MYOGers. Based in Greece, she's making some pretty innovative stuff!

Check out Functional Clothing Lab on Etsy and Instagram


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